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Automatic door activation controls

Erreka supplies automatic door activation controls with different options to control the entry and exit of personnel and to facilitate access into the premises. The Doors can be fully automatic and activated upon detection of pedestrians within a certain area, or they can work in conjunction with keypads, keyfobs, and proximity readers to improve security and allow only authorized personnel into restricted areas. Our automatic systems can also integrate  push pads to allow access to pedestrians with limited mobility, strollers, or disabled.

Keyfob access integration

Our range of activation controls includes keyfob access integration. Keyfobs are light and can be carried around at all times.  Employees can easily enter the premises without having to remember a passcode. By integrating keyfob access, you can rest assured that only authorized personnel have access to restricted areas. In addition, our automatic door activation controls may include keypads, a secure and reliable way to allow users into the premises by using a passcode. Units such as the Premis 911 keypad offer multiple functions allowing the use of proximity cards and keyfobs. It is equipped with a backlit keyboard for low visibility conditions and it can be installed outside.

We also offer DDA-compliant push pads to facilitate access to pedestrians with limited mobility. These push pads come in different styles, shapes, and sizes to suit the particular application and space requirements. There are wireless versions of our push dads that work with a transmitter and allow installation where it is not possible to run wires. We also offer a  touchless which is activated by moving or waving your hand in front of the sensor.

If you want to know more about our automatic door activation controls, don’t hesitate to Contact our technical sales team at 01275 871787. We’ll be more than happy to help.


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