Automatic Revolving Doors Installation

Revolving door installation

ERREKA’s expert installation service guarantees reliable and operational safety of your automatic doors. The revolving door installation requires certified and qualified personnel to thoroughly check all requirements prior to installation and guarantee the installation runs smoothly with all components fitted perfectly.

ERREKA’s swing door systems are fully compliant with EN16005 on safety and have been 100% automatically tested.  The safety features include instant reaction against entrapment, vertical strips located on the fixed panels to protect the entrance area, an emergency stop button, and an available connection to the fire protection system.

Revolving Doors Design

ERREKA’S BIRA range of Automatic Revolving Doors are lovingly crafted to fulfil the needs of the most demanding architects. The ERREKA BIRA range possess a stunning exterior; built to impress customers before they have even stepped foot inside the building.

Revolving doors Features

Due to its large passage dimensions, the BIRA E22 is suitable for customers carrying heavy goods such as trolley’s and suitcases. What is more, the extra space provides excellent access for people with physical disabilities.

In order to meet the most stringent safety requirements, the BIRA E22 features ultra high quality door materials, along with 2 three-phase motors (with inverter systems).

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    ERREKA’s range of revolving doors

    ERREKA’s revolving doors are heavy-duty  and designed to impress customers even before entering the premises offering superior comfort and energy efficiency by completely isolating the interior from the exterior environment. ERREKA’s full range of revolving door solutions includes the BIRA series and KRYSTAL series each with unique characteristics to suit diverse applications. 

    The BIRA E22 is designed for big spaces allowing high traffic flows of up to 80 people per minute both in entry and exit. The revolving BIRA E22 is available in 2 leaves configurations and a sliding door configuration. Due to its big dimensions, BIRA E22 is ideal for spaces where the regular passage of trolleys, suitcases, and wheelchairs such as airports, supermarkets, and hospitals.

    The BIRA E23 is a reliable and safe revolving door that is available in 3 or 4-leaves configurations. The system is especially recommended for hotels, supermarkets, shopping malls, and public buildings in general offering a sophisticated and elegant look.

    The Krystal E71 is specially designed to comply with strict aesthetic requirements where transparency is of key importance. The minimalistic design reduces the use of profiles to a minimum while keeping the same level of comfort, efficiency, and isolation of environments that are characteristic of conventional revolving doors. The result is an astonishing contemporary look that is ideal for hotels, museums, office buildings, and more.

    Contact our sales technical team at 01275 871787. We’ll be glad to assist and recommend the best automatic revolving door solution for your application.

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    Automatic Revolving Doors

    ERREKA Automatic Revolving Door Systems

    BIRA E22

    Retail | Commercial | Industrial

    Automatic Revolving Doors

    Due to its large access size, the BIRA E22 is ideal for areas with a large amount of traffic including people with trolleys or suitcases or wheelchair users, such as airports, shopping centres or hospitals.

    BIRA E23

    Retail | Commercial | Industrial

    Automatic Revolving Doors

    The BIRA E23 features multiple configuration possibilities, providing the client with more options. This makes it especially recommendable for hotels, shopping centres, banks, public buildings in general, offices, etc.


    Retail | Commercial | Industrial

    Automatic Revolving Doors

    BIRA KRYSTAL E71 doors are ideal for use in entry areas with strict appearance requirements where transparency is the key element, e.g. hotels, offices, museums, emblematic company offices and buildings.

    ERREKA Automatic Revolving Doors Information

    ERREKA Automatic Doors & Shopfronts offers a complete installation service including technical sales advice and design support, through to onsite installation. ERREKA will carry out full site surveys to ensure the installation runs smoothly and unforeseen problems are dealt with at an early stage. After a survey has been carried out, the project will be handed over to our CAD team for drawings.

    We aim to install your automatic door system within a couple of days (dependent on the size of the job) to inflict the minimum amount of disruption to your business and maximise the number of customers through the door. We are also able to carry out our installations after hours to match the requirements of your shop or business.

    ERREKA installers are fully trained to BS 7036 / EN16005 standards and fully comply with CITB. In addition our installers are ADSA qualified and hold the CSCS qualification. ERREKA take health and safety very seriously, risk assessments and method statements are carried out to ensure all installers are working to a safe standard.

    ERREKA has been awarded accreditation from Safecontractor, Constructionline, Exor & CHAS for its commitment to achieving excellence in health and safety.

    Safecontractor, Constructionline, Exor & CHAS are leading third party accreditation schemes which recognises very high standards in health and safety management amongst UK contractors.

    All of our Automatic Door products are available through our Online Trade Counter & IOS App, our Trade Counter has been thoughtfully designed, giving you same day access to all our products, from Automatic Swing Operators & Automatic Sliding Door Openers to Activation & Safety Sensors, Access Control & all related products, including ERREKA & PREMIS spare parts you’ll find it all in a couple of clicks. ERREKA Automatic Doors & Shopfronts, offer a wide range of services to help you with your business including technical help, technical brochures and manuals.

    ERREKA provides a 12 month warranty period on all new installations and system upgrades. The warranty period begins from the date of the installation.

    Our 12 month warranty is held with the end user / owner / occupier. Warranty is not held by the building contractor or aluminium company unless otherwise prior agreed.

    What does the warranty cover?

    New Installations:

    All parts and on site labour for product failure and or installation defects not due to inappropriate or incorrect use or vandalism.

    Replacement Parts:

    Replacement of parts found to be defective. These parts will replaced free of charge and shall be warranted for an additional 3 months or until expiry of the original warranty period, whichever is the longer period.

    The warranty will be invalidated if goods or parts are supplied by any other person other than the company or a duly accredited operative or if the goods are misused or neglected by the customer or used other than in their ordinary commercial or industrial usage.

    What doesn’t the warranty cover?

    • Vandalism
    • Customer Abuse – Misuse or Neglect
    • Accidental Damage / Replacement Batteries
    • Adjustments and Servicing
    • During the installation of the product, ERREKA will set the automatic door openers to work within the recommendations of BS7036 EN16005 in the terms of activation distances and safety zones. A commissioning certificate has been supplied and any further requests to attend site for activation sensor, safety sensor or speed adjustments, through non product failure and non installation defects will be chargeable.

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