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Automatic doors Services

Erreka provides an integrated solution that covers all aspects of automatic doors including technical sales advice, design support, and installation services. With unrivaled technical experience, our technicians can provide quality door installation services that guarantees the safety and reliability of our automatic doors. 

Our technicians are trained to meet the highest European and UK standards, EN 16005 and BS7036.  We take safety very seriously so we perform all jobs according to the highest safety procedures. In addition, our installers are ASDA qualified and hold the CSCS qualification.

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Before installation services

Before installing automatic doors, ERREKA technicians will perform a complete survey on-site to make sure the installation runs smoothly without any unforeseen problems. The details are sent to our design team to offer you the best solutions possible. 

The installations are carried out according to a well-planned schedule, and if necessary, we can provide door installation services after hours to meet customer needs and avoid unwanted interruptions to business operations. We make sure you get to enjoy the benefits of automatic doors in the shortest time possible maximizing traffic flow and accessibility to your business. 

Door installation services near me

ERREKA has a network of approved, trained, and certified installers around the UK who can provide door installation services for automatic systems and also provide continued service and maintenance checks according to EN regulations.

Do not hesitate to contact us, we will assign the technician closest to you to discuss your needs and help you through every step of the process. If you need technical assistance or advice regarding a particular product, simply call our office at 01275 871787 or send us an email, and a member of our technical office will be happy to assist you.

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    Automatic Doors - which system is right for you?

    Automatic Sliding Doors Installation

    Retail | Commercial | Industrial

    Automatic Sliding Doors

    ERREKA generally recommend a sliding door system to be fitted wherever possible. Automatic sliding doors do not swing out into the room and therefore provide more interior space within your premises.

    Automatic Swing Doors Installation

    Retail | Commercial | Industrial

    Automatic Swing Doors

    ERREKA generally recommend a swing door system if the premises does not have enough space (width) to accommodate sliding doors.

    Revolving Doors Installation

    Retail | Commercial | Industrial

    Automatic Revolving Doors

    ERREKA generally recommend a revolving door system for large entrances where maximum energy efficiency is a top priority.

    Aluminium Doors Installation

    Retail | Commercial | Industrial

    ERREKA manufacture and supply high quality commercial Aluminium Doors to improve the security and accessibility of your premises.

    Have one of our skilled technicians investigate faults with your Automatic Door System.

    Partners with ADSA | The Automatic Door Suppliers Association