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The New Next Generation ERREKA Automatic Swing Door Openers use an electro-mechanical design to operate pedestrian automatic doors. Optimised for silent movement and durability, ERREKA Swing Door Openers can be configured to automate existing swing doors or they can be incorporated into all-new installations. What’s more, our Automatic Door Openers can be used for single or double door applications and provide the option to be mounted on either side with push or pull arm configurations.

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Premis 200 automatic swing door opener

PREMIS 200 Automatic Swing Door Opener

PREMIS 200 Automatic Swing Door Opener is electro-mechanical for pedestrian automatic…

Swing doors premis 200 digital selector

PREMIS 200 Digital Selector

The New Next Generation PREMIS 200 Automatic Swing Door Opener…

Swing doors touchless door activation switch

Touchless Door Activation Switch

The Non-Touch microwave technology touchless door activation switch.

Sliding doors HR100-CT-2 Monitored Activation

HR100 Activation & Presence Sensor

HR100-CT-2 Monitored Black Combined Activation / Presence Sensor for sliding…

Automatic door hotron slim profile wireless switch

Slim, jamb style design for screw or tape mounting to the automatic door profile.


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Automatic swing doors

ERREKA automatic swing doors are the perfect solution for high-traffic areas that require quick and easy access. These doors are designed for durability and easy maintenance, and they come in a variety of sizes and styles to fit your specific needs. ERREKA automatic swing doors are also equipped with a number of safety features, including sensors, emergency stop, and finger guards for mechanical safety. ERREKA manufactures a wide variety of automatic swing doors that can be used in a variety of settings, from residential to commercial making these spaces truly accessible. 

ERREKA’s swing doors feature a high level of reliability, safety, and innovation that is capable of meeting the most demanding installation and architectural requirements. Our swing doors are an ideal solution for a wide range of facilities including and not limited to shopping centers, restaurants, schools, airports, and more. Our swing doors are highly demanded by our clients due to their versatility and energy efficiency. We offer automated solutions that use robust and efficient operators, and our door configurations easily adapt to most building styles. ERREKA’s swing doors are the best choice for your application offering great value, intelligent design, and superior performance.

Automatic swing door operator

ERREKA’s automatic swing door operators open and close the doors with minimum effort and without irritating noises. The reliable operators comply with European Standard EN 16005 on Safety and help you secure comfortable access even under heavy traffic flows. The automatic operators include features to allow easy access for people with reduced mobility and disable the automatic functions in case of emergency. Our experts will properly size and recommend the operators that best suit your swing door application.

Swing door design

Our swing doors are made from high-quality materials and designed for durability and ease of use. Any requirement in both internal and outside contexts can be met by our swing door designs. There are many different types of framing and glass paneling available in both single and double leaf designs. ERREKA reliable operators are heavy duty and designed for intensive use, ensuring a maximum level of safety for the users and a long operational life. Our swing doors comply with the requirements of EN 16005 and can be set up to low energy or full energy as required.  

Our swing door designs can cover any need in exterior and interior environments. You can choose from a wide variety of framing and glass paneling in both single and double leaf configurations. We offer a complete range of aesthetic swing doors that are guaranteed to match your building style and requirements. Our robust operators are designed for silent movement and durability and can be used in multiple configurations.

ERREKA’S possesses expertise in swing doors and is capable of delivering a top-quality product that is guaranteed to function trouble-free for many years. For further questions regarding our doors, our installation services, and other related products, contact our technical sales team at 01275 871787. We’ll be able to assist and recommend suitable options for your application.

If you would like any further information or assistance regarding any of the products on this site, or to arrange training, please contact our office, where our technical team will be more than happy to discuss your needs.

Why choose automatic swing doors?

Automatic doors are ideal solutions for installations with small openings where they can be easily adapted to take full advantage of the available space. This also makes them ideal to retrofit or automate existing door installations. These doors are extremely convenient and versatile since they can be operated manually when needed.  They are also one of the best options for people with reduced mobility since they can be easily accessed without the need of touching them and are completely safe for all kinds of users.

If you would like any further information or assistance regarding any of the products on this site, or to arrange training, please contact our office, where our technical team will be more than happy to discuss your needs.

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Automatic Swing Doors

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