Access Control Keypad

ERREKA offers a wide range of accessories to automate any type of door including access control keypads. The keypad system works with your automatic doors to allow authorized entry of people by means of a pin code, swipe card, or key fob.  The multifunction access control keypads offer many features including alarm function, short circuit protection, built-in backlit keypad, anti-theft protection, and more. ERREKA’S range of keypad solutions can be adapted to suit any indoor or outdoor application.

Door access control keypad

ERREKA’s access control keypads are one of the most secure and reliable systems to access home and business premises with a 1 in 100 million chance of cracking the code. Depending on the specific model, our access control keypads can be used to support the entrance of hundreds and even thousands of pin and card holders. 

Keypad door access control systems

The keypad control system is made of a power supply control, an electronic lock, and a keypad with interconnecting wiring between the devices; in addition, other accessories such as an exit button may be installed as well. When installed properly, the system should respond to allow doors to remain open allowing the entry and exit of authorized personnel. If required, our professional installers are available to install and configure your access control system.

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