ERREKA Automatic door sensors

ERREKA Automatic door sensors have been built upon a very reliable platform. Optical technology ensures that an accurate detection field is maintained for pedestrian activation and safety. All of our Activation & Safety Sensors are BS7036 & EN16005 Compliant. Our Sensors are all IP44 rated for external and internal use.

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Erreka’s range of automatic door sensors are designed and built upon a reliable platform that enables the adequate functioning  and safety of your system. The optical infrared technology precisely detects pedestrians and avoids collisions. Our activation and safety sensors comply with the latest regulations for pedestrian automatic doors sensor and parts, BS7036 and EN16005. In addition, all our sensors are rated IP44 which means they can function indoors and outdoors without a problem.

Automatic door sensor price

Our high-quality automatic door sensor are offered at competitive pricing which depends on the application and the features of each sensor. Below you will find our list of  activation and safety sensors which includes details of their functioning, application type, and price.

Automatic door opener sensor

By means of infrared technology, our activation sensors will detect pedestrians within a designated area and send a signal to the door controller which in turn activates the gear motor. Some of our sensors combine activation with presence detection to avoid the accidental closing of doors and protect pedestrians. When no one is detected, the door will close automatically after a specified amount of time.

Automatic door safety sensor

Our range of safety sensors can be adapted to all types of automatic doors including swing, sliding, and revolving doors. The sensors create a safety zone around the swing and revolving leaves that avoids collisions with the doors in motion thus keeping the users safe at all times.  The sensors are an important part of your DDA-compliant systems which provide easy and trouble-free access for people with disabilities.

All of our automatic door sensors feature the latest optical and infrared technologies to function reliably; they are also quick and easy to install. In case you need assistance selecting your automatic door sensor, please give us a call at 01275 871787 we will be happy to provide assistance and help you choose the best option for your existing or new automatic door installation.

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