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ERREKA’s access control systems include a wide range of devices to grant authorized access to any type of doors.  Our top-quality systems may be assembled with a combination of proximity readers, keys, buttons, electric locks, and opening devices such as switches and keypads. The access control system can be adapted to suit all kinds of indoor or outdoor applications offering great versatility to meet both the installers’ and users’ needs.

Featured products

Automatic Doors Push Pads Touchless Door Activation Switch

Touchless Door Activation Switch

The Non-Touch microwave technology touchless door activation switch is designed for installations on Automatic Sliding Doors and…

Automatic Door IR02 Key FOB Transmitter

ERREKA IR02 Key Fob Transmitter can be used to operate both ERREKA Automatic Doors & ERREKA Automatic Gates.

Swing Doors Finger Defender

finger defender

Finger Defender is a high quality, resilient blind that prevents fingers entering the cavity formed between the edge of the door and…

Swing Doors Finger Guard

Finger Guard is a heavy duty finger-pinch protection device manufactured from Black EPDM.


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Door access control system UK

ERREKA’s UK division offers  a variety of access control and accessories that can be used to manage automatic door applications. Many of our components can be incorporated later after the automatic doors have been installed.  Our flexible family of components includes different modules and cabling options that can be configured in multiple ways to meet customers’ specific requirements.

Door access control system installation

ERREKA professional installers have extensive experience and an in-depth understanding of all the components and possible configurations of our access control systems. The installers run all the tests required and make sure the system complies with all the application requirements. All the works are performed according to the highest safety standards and in the least time possible.

Commercial door access control system

When it comes to commercial security, access control systems are of vital importance. ERREKA access control solutions effectively mitigate and reduce security risks in commercial applications. Our systems are equipped with anti-theft features, alarm-sounding options, and more.In case you need assistance selecting the appropriate door access control systems or any other accessory, contact our sales technical team at 01275 871787 we will be happy to provide assistance and help you choose the best option for your existing or new automatic door installation.

Automatic door part suppliers

ERREKA supplies a broad range of parts that may be classified as either access control accessories, automatic door parts, or automatic door sensors.  Our access control product range includes parts such as  magnetic locks, push pads, card readers, and everything you need to manage your automatic system providing great versatility to meet both installers’ and end users’ needs. Our automatic door parts and sensors cover all your requirements related to ERREKA Ertain / Telescopic / Global Automatic Sliding Door Operators and the whole range of safety and activation sensors to install with our automatic systems.

For supply-only customers, we provide technical training on all of our products. These training events are provided at our factory unit in Bristol, we have many products readily available for a live demonstration. The workshops are free-of-charge, ensuring you and your customers both benefit from correct installation, wiring, and application requirements.

Automatic Door Access Control System Case Studies

Retirement housing, Hampshire - Disability Discrimination Act Automatic Door

Medical Centre, Worcester - Automatic Door for Disabled Toilet

Automatic Doors DDA - Cottage Hospital

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