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Automatic Door for Disabled Toilet – The Client

A medical centre based in Worcester required the support of ERREKA UK to enhance access to a disabled toilet. With a significant number of disabled people frequenting the centre, it was essential that the site was able to provide equal access to the sites facilities; enabling more patients to maintain their independence whilst on a visit. As a result, the proprietors were keen to include a automatic door for disabled toilet in order to maximise ease of use.

The Requirements

So, it was clear that the automatic doors would need to be easy to use for disabled persons. At the same time, the doors would need to provide the maximum possible opening width in order to accommodate wheel chair users effectively. What is more, the doors must be fully compliant with the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA). This will provide the proprietors with the peace of mind that the automatic doors meet the latest regulations. Finally, the proprietors expect the system to be both cost effective and reliable.

The Result

ERREKA UK finished the disabled toilet with RAL Purple automatic sliding doors. The sliding doors were integrated with our bespoke, DDA compliant, Automatic Door Toilet system. The toilet system comes complete with a number of features designed to safeguard privacy; The system operates through disabled-friendly push button activation. When the door is fully closed; the user can simply activate the touch to lock feature to secure the door. LED’s are used to indicate whether the toilet is occupied. Finally, the system features an emergency key switch within the external “Door Assist” fascia which ensures that the door can be unlocked from the outside in case of an emergency.

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ERREKA are members of ADSA – The Automatic Doors Suppliers Association.

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