ERREKA  provides free of charge automatic door training for all of our supply customers. This training takes place in our facility in Bristol which is equipped with functional demo products allowing practical hands-on experience.  Whether it is the workforce of a new client or an existing customer learning about a recently launched product, our technical training provides our supply customers with all the technical knowledge and training they need to properly install and service our products. Our automatic door training complies with the highest standards for pedestrian automatic doors that guarantee operational door safety and reliability.

The training sessions are free of charge ensuring that both you and your customers benefit from the proper installation of automatic door equipment. We understand not everyone can attend the training events, and that’s why we also host free-of-charge, one-on-one automatic door training. To book a workshop in Bristol, simply contact our technical office, and a member of our technical team will be happy to discuss your needs.

We train our Automatic Door installers to the highest standards conforming to EN16005 / BS7036 UK & European Regulations

Technical Support

You need the best support to provide a quick solution to your technical questions whether it is a service, repair, or installation matter, the ERREKA expert support team is ready to look after your needs. You will be provided with a single point of contact for any issues you may have with any product purchased from Erreka UK. We stand behind our products and customers providing all the necessary technical support, guidance, and training they need to provide a quality service and product. Don’t hesitate to call us If you need assistance regarding a particular product, simply call our office, and a member of our technical office will be happy to assist you.

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Partners with ADSA | The Automatic Door Suppliers Association