Frameless Glass Doors Installation

ERREKA manufactures and installs high performance frameless glass door bespoke to your business. Our frameless glass doors are made up of high security 12mm toughened glass to ensure that premises are protected from would-be thieves. What is more, they can reach 2.5 meters in height without the need for overhead top lights. In addition, ERREKA frameless glass door can fit swing door applications and sliding door applications using various patch fittings. Likewise, they can be automated by using our ERREKA range of automatic door openers.

If your business relies on visibility to display products and invite customers in, frameless glass doors are the ideal entrance solution. Whether you require frameless automatic sliding doors or frameless automatic swing doors, ERREKA has the solution!

The toughened and laminated glass allows for the frameless configuration and makes the door safe and burglar-resistant. The glass won’t break easily, and if it does, it will not burst into pieces risking injury to those around; In addition, frameless glass doors are also thermally efficient which improves comfort and turns into energy savings. The toughened glass is also scratch resistant and easy to clean and maintain; all it needs is a regular wipe and cleaning solution.

Examples include shops; offices hotels; schools; hospitals; surgeries and many more.

Internal frameless glass doors

ERREKA’s frameless glass door create a wide open contemporary space in internal environments. These types of doors exhibit optimal design and comfort and emphasize the use of natural light.  They use minimalistic but heavy-duty hardware such as pull handles and special pivots and wall-to-glass hinges. When strategically located, internal frameless doors save on electricity allowing natural light to flow into different rooms.

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    External frameless glass door for Shop Fronts Doors

    Frameless glass entry doors provide an extra level of sophistication; bringing style and a touch of flair to your business. So, with frameless glass adding greater transparency to your shop front; a wide range of design possibilities are available.

    The frameless shop front is an eye-catching design that draws the attention of the passer-by to your shop. What is more, it provides the perfect foundation for an attractive window display.

    Our frameless shop fronts doors are both slick and modern. They provide the customer with a fantastic first impression; ensuring that your premises stick out from the crowd.

    With 12mm toughened glass, you can be sure that your entrance will stand up to the elements; resisting knocks and scrapes. What is more, with the glass being easy to clean; maintenance is a breeze. As a result, frameless is an excellent choice for businesses that demand the best in health and safety.

    Finally, the incredibly effective minimalistic design of the frameless shop front will allow you to bring in new customers, allowing your business to keep ahead of the competition.

    Typical frameless glass shop fronts include either a single door or pair of doors that will help to allow additional light into your shop front allowing your customers to break down the barrier between the inside and the outside of your shop. If you are looking for exterior or interior frameless glass doors, ERREKA has an option for you.

    Our toughened frameless glass shop fronts do not require an aluminium frame and therefore it is becoming very trendy and very common amongst shops, offices, hotels, schools, hospitals, surgeries, and commercial outlets. Toughened frameless glass is the most stylish and elegant-looking shop front in today’s marketplace.

    Frameless glass shop fronts are an ideal solution for window displays; visually they look modern and contemporary, In today’s market place it’s a must-have feature. It will attract window-shoppers, and entice potential customers inside your shop. It is the most effective way to catch the passing trade and increase your business growth.

    Need your Frameless Glass Shop Front Doors automated?

    ERREKA frameless glass shop front doors can be automated by using our range of automatic door openers. Whether you require frameless automatic sliding doors or frameless automatic swing doors, ERREKA has the solution! The ERREKA range of automatic door openers is manufactured to the highest standards not only conforming to UK British Standards but also EN European standards.

    Frameless glass doors in the UK

    ERREKA is a leading supplier of automatic entrance solutions in the UK with a diverse range of quality products that include frameless glass doors. Let us help you craft a bespoke solution adapted to your business needs by contacting our sales team at 01275 871787. We’ll be happy to assist you with your frameless glass door application, so you can make the most informed decision possible.

    Frameless Glass Doors


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    ERREKA Frameless Glass Door Information

    ERREKA Automatic Doors & Shopfronts offers a complete installation service including technical sales advice and design support, through to onsite installation. ERREKA will carry out full site surveys to ensure the installation runs smoothly and unforeseen problems are dealt with at an early stage. After a survey has been carried out, the project will be handed over to our CAD team for drawings.

    We aim to install your system within a couple of days (dependent on the size of the job) to inflict the minimum amount of disruption to your business and maximise the number of customers through the door. We are also able to carry out our installations after hours to match the requirements of your shop or business.

    ERREKA installers are fully trained to BS 7036 / EN16005 standards and fully comply with CITB. In addition our installers are ADSA qualified and hold the CSCS qualification. ERREKA take health and safety very seriously, risk assessments and method statements are carried out to ensure all installers are working to a safe standard.

    ERREKA has been awarded accreditation from Safecontractor, Constructionline, Exor & CHAS for its commitment to achieving excellence in health and safety.

    Safecontractor, Constructionline, Exor & CHAS are leading third-party accreditation schemes which recognizes very high standards in health and safety management amongst UK contractors.

    All of our Frameless Glass & Aluminium Door & Shop Front products are available to supply only. ERREKA Automatic Doors & Shopfronts, offer a wide range of services to help you with your business including technical help, technical brochures, and manuals.

    ERREKA provides a 12 month warranty period on all new installations and system upgrades. The warranty period begins from the date of the installation.

    Our 12 month warranty is held with the end user / owner / occupier. Warranty is not held by the building contractor or aluminium company unless otherwise prior agreed.

    What does the warranty cover?

    New Installations:

    All parts and on site labour for product failure and or installation defects not due to inappropriate or incorrect use or vandalism.

    Replacement Parts:

    Replacement of parts found to be defective. These parts will replaced free of charge and shall be warranted for an additional 3 months or until expiry of the original warranty period, whichever is the longer period.

    The warranty will be invalidated if goods or parts are supplied by any other person other than the company or a duly accredited operative or if the goods are misused or neglected by the customer or used other than in their ordinary commercial or industrial usage.

    What doesn’t the warranty cover?

    • Vandalism
    • Customer Abuse – Misuse or Neglect
    • Accidental Damage / Replacement Batteries
    • Adjustments and Servicing
    • During the installation of the product, ERREKA will set the automatic door openers to work within the recommendations of BS7036 EN16005 in the terms of activation distances and safety zones. A commissioning certificate has been supplied and any further requests to attend site for activation sensor, safety sensor or speed adjustments, through non product failure and non installation defects will be chargeable.

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