Steel Door Sets

ERREKA Steel Fire Exit Doors are manufactured from high-tensile steel. Each door-set comes complete with powder coating as standard. ERREKA Steel Fire Exit Doors are available with a range of features and options that can be specified to order.

Steel door sets installation

ERREKA’s steel door sets are top quality solutions that can be adapted to most spaces. There are a variety of configurations to choose from including single, double, or leaf-and-a-half configurations. All of our doors come with a comprehensive installation manual for a trouble-free and smooth installation; however, If required, the steel door sets installation can be performed quickly and easily by our certified and trained personnel. Your door set will be fitted perfectly according to specifications ensuring good performance and longevity. Please contact our sales team at 01275 871787 we will be happy to answer your questions and assist you with the installation service you require. 

The steel door sets installation can  be customized to your specific requirements including a variety of panels, overhead, panels, glazing options, and access devices; the standard door  finishing includes a polyester powder coating that is available in a variety of colors per your request.

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    Industry-leading steel door sets

    Our steel door sets are typically used as personnel doors and as fire and emergency exits. The doors are manufactured from high-tensile steel which makes them secure and highly robust. It requires little to no maintenance and only requires touch-up paint if the surface coating deteriorates or has been actively damaged. In addition, the steel doors are also built with an insulation core for improved thermal efficiency and acoustical insulation.

    As leading industry experts, ERREKA provides a top-quality product at competitive pricing. Our manufacturing and finishing processes consistently produce quality door sets that meet or exceed industry standards. Our steel door sets installation services will ensure the performance and reliability of your door set for years to come.

    Door types and panel options

    ERREKA Steel Doors can be configured for use as both personnel doors and emergency exits. The single, double and leaf and a half door-sets can also be provided with bespoke side and over panels.

    Whether you are looking for fixed, glazed or louvered panels, ERREKA can provide the perfect solution for your premises.

    If you would like to contact our team for further information, please call us on 01275 871787.

    Steel Fire Exit Doors

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    Would you like some advice? Call our sales team today on 01275 871787 or send us an email. A member of our sales team will be more than happy to discuss your requirements.

    Better steel, built to last

    ERREKA Steel Door Sets / Steel Fire Escape Doors

    Pre-tensioned Rustec anti-rust steel is available as an option on the the ERREKA steel door range. Our doors are designed to withstand harsh conditions. With robust durability and strong resistance to corrosion, anti-rust steel can add years to the life span of your door-set.

    Guaranteed to perform

    ERREKA Steel Door Sets / Steel Fire Escape Doors

    Tested to safeguard your premises from intruders and resist the elements. ERREKA Steel Fire Exit doors are finished in a high-quality powder coating. Our doors come with a five-year guarantee as standard.

    More choice, more colours

    ERREKA Steel Door Sets / Steel Fire Escape Doors

    RAL and BS colours (including metallics and pearlescents) are available as an option.

    Our C5I marine grade provides corrosion resistance for highly corrosive and saline environments.

    Common hardware configurations for personnel doors and emergency exits

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