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ERREKA is a top leading manufacturer and supplier of automatic door parts. Our whole range of parts covers most applications where sliding, swing, or revolving doors may be required. We are able to offer complete automation kits or individual parts per your requirement. ERREKA’s automatic door parts guarantee a safe, reliable, and durable system unmatched by other brands.

Automatic door part suppliers

ERREKA supplies a broad range of parts that may be classified as either access control accessories, automatic door parts, or automatic door sensors.  Our access control product range includes parts such as  magnetic locks, push pads, card readers, and everything you need to manage your automatic system providing great versatility to meet both installers’ and end users’ needs. Our automatic door parts and sensors cover all your requirements related to ERREKA Ertain / Telescopic / Global Automatic Sliding Door Operators and the whole range of safety and activation sensors to install with our automatic systems.

For supply-only customers, we provide technical training on all of our products. These training events are provided at our factory unit in Bristol, we have many products readily available for a live demonstration. The workshops are free-of-charge, ensuring you and your customers both benefit from correct installation, wiring, and application requirements.

Automatic door parts uk

All of our automatic door parts in the UK are available for next-day delivery and carry a 12-month warranty. Contact our sales technical team at 01275 871787. ERREKA keeps stock of all parts relating to ERREKA Ertain / Telescopic / Global Automatic Sliding Door Operators. Our trade counter is able to provide technical assistance to help you choose the best automatic door parts for your application.

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