ERREKA Keyfobs

ERREKA offers a wide range of key fobs for activating automatic door systems, all products comply with DDA and BS7036 requirements. You can see that we supply stainless steel push pads including hardwire and wireless for installations where its not posible to run wires. Other products include our new Touchless activation switches ideal for Hospital and Toilet applications.

For wheel chair users we also keep in stock key fobs which is light and easy to carry at all times, and allows users to activate the doors remotely on entry or exit. From Hardwire & Wireless Stainless Steel Push Pads to Keyfobs and Switches, you will find it all in a click in the ERREKA Trade Counter.

Automatic Door IR02 Key FOB Transmitter

The new ERREKA IR02 Key Fob Transmitter can be used to operate both ERREKA Automatic Doors.

Automatic door IRPROGM Key Fob Programmer

The IRPROGM Key Fob Programmer is used to go that extra step when programming and setting.

Automatic doors IRIN2S-250/868 Receiver

ERREKA IRIN2S-250/868 Receiver

The ERREKA IRIN2S-250/868 Receiver – 2-channel receiver is designed for opening…


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With debit card or bank

ERREKA supplies a wide range of key fobs devices that comply with DDA requirements and BS 7036. Key fobs are a really convenient item that allows easy access through doorways without the need for a key by simply approaching the programmed keyfob to a receiver. 

Key fobs can suit a variety of applications including business and consumer applications where there is a need for access control allowing only authorized personnel or tenants into private or restricted areas. For wheelchair users, we also keep in stock key fobs that are light and easy to carry at all times and allow users to activate the doors remotely on entry or exit.

Key fob door access

Key fobs work by means of RFID technology which is:

  • efficient
  • secure 
  • easily programmable

By using a key fob programmer it is possible to add and remove users from the system. The RFID tag on the key fob is designed to transmit a specific coded signal with information to a fob receiver. If the information is accepted by the receiver, it can be used to unlock a door access point.

Key fob door entry system

The keyless entry system can be used to upgrade your current entry system facilitating easy access and improving security to your premises. Dealing with regular keys places a security risk on your premises. Regular keys can be easily misplaced and hard to manage especially when there are a lot of copies made. If you need technical assistance or advice regarding a particular key fob product, simply call our office at 01275 871787 or send us an email, and a member of our technical office will be happy to assist you.

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