Retirement Housing, Hampshire – Disability Discrimination Act Automatic Door

Disability Discrimination Act Automatic Door

Disability Discrimination Act Automatic Door – The Client

A retirement housing development managed by Fareham Borough council got in touch with ERREKA UK for assistance. Specifically, the proprietors were looking to improve access to an on-site mobility storage shed. Indeed, the existing manual door was proving troublesome for the residents to negotiate. As a result, the client was looking for a Disability Discrimination Act Automatic Door in order to provide residents with autonomous access to the shed.  This would allow residents to go about their daily activities without having to confront any physical challenges.

The Requirements

Naturally, the client’s first priority was to ensure the best possible access to the shed. As a result, the door would need to open as wide as possible in order to accomodate the mobility vehicles. What is more, the opener would need to be durable enough to sustain knocks to the doors; and possible resistance from vehicles barring access. In addition, the client was keen to stress that the door’s security features provide residents with the confidence that their expensive goods are safe from any would-be thieves.

The Result

Having discussed the clients requirements, ERREKA fitted a PREMIS 120 swing door opener, a Disability Discrimination Act Automatic Door . This was a simple and straightforward installation due to the pre-existing manual door. As a result, residents were able to get back up and running with their mobility scooters in no time at all. In addition, the installation came complete with full access control; this will help the client to safeguard the contents of the shed when it is not in use. The Swing door opener itself features a reliable motor which will ensure that the door will be operating for a long time to come. Finally, the doors feature push pads which ensure that the doors are simple to open for residents.


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ERREKA are members of ADSA – The Automatic Doors Suppliers Association.

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