ERREKA Key Switches

ERREKA offers high-quality key switches for secure activation of your automatic sliding doors and automatic swing doors. The different key positions work with a program that allows you to set the desired mode of operation depending on your access requirements.

ERREKA key switches are well constructed, easy to install, and maintain; they are dust and weather-resistant, so they can be used outdoors as well as in indoor applications. ERREKA’s key switches can be included in new installations or in case you need to replace your old worn switch.

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Door Key Switches

Doors Key switches are important to your automatic door access system. For instance, They can be used to disable automatic entry and allow access only to authorized personnel. For swing doors, we offer the Premis L2 key switch and selector switch. The mechanical model is highly reliable and has 5 different positions that can be used to hold open or closed, regulate entry or allow traffic to circulate freely. We also offer a 3-position key switch and a 4-position key switch which are mainly used with swing doors but also work well with automatic doors. The key switches come with a brushed aluminum plate and black box to facilitate installation.

Emergency Key Switch

For escape routes and emergency situations, key switches can work as an emergency door release with free manual operation or by holding the door fully open to facilitate evacuation. Be sure to ask our sales technical team about the available emergency key switches by contacting us at 01275 871787 we will be happy to provide assistance and help you choose the best option for your specific application.

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