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ERREKA provides sliding and swing door solutions that are compliant with the Disability Discrimination Act and the latest UK and EU safety regulations. Our automatic systems provide a safe and easy access point for people with disabilities. We take into consideration all requirements needed for DDA doors  including wheelchair access, door widths, and all relevant door entry equipment positioning and height. ERREKA offers long-lasting and top-quality DDA door solutions to meet your particular needs and ensure easy access to all pedestrians including people with disabilities. 

Disabled Access Door Systems

Built with superior quality, our automatic doors feature a smooth and silent operation and plenty of features that make our automatic systems DDA compliant and allow them to suit any type of requirement. The DDA-compliant doors include specially designed push pads for easy access of people with disabilities, safety sensors to avoid causing harm to anyone opening the doors, DDA-approved door handles, and a wheelchair courtesy function among other features. 

In case of emergency or a power failure, ERREKA DDA doors are equipped with backup batteries and can be operated in different working modes to facilitate the evacuation of all pedestrians. Our doors display clear DDA signage to indicate the door is either automatic or assisted, and the push pads and handles are located at the perfect height for wheelchair users.

Our wide range of automatic door parts can function as a retrofit solution to automate your existing doors and make your business DDA compliant. Contact our sales technical team at 01275 871787 we will be happy to provide assistance and  help you choose the best option for existing installation or new automatic DDA doors.

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