ERREKA Automatic Swing Door Packages

ERREKA’s automatic swing door kits include all items necessary to carry out a full Automatic Swing Door Installation. The available packages provide a wide range of installation functions and can be used to retrofit existing or new swing door applications.


Automatic Swing Door Packages

PREMIS 200 Automatic Swing Door Opener

They may include items such as activation and safety sensors, digital selectors to program the door operating modes, and push pads to facilitate access to people with disabilities. You may also choose between a pull arm, push arm, or deep recess pull arm for the automatic swing opener.

The swing door kits are very versatile and can be adapted to both interior and exterior applications. The slim silver anodized opener is easy to install and can be mounted on either side of the door to automate installations of up to 200 Kg. ERREKA’s swing door kits comply with EN 16005 standards and the latest UK and EU safety regulations. They are also ideal to make existing and new installations compliant with DDA regulations. 

The PREMIS 200 Automatic swing door kit

The PREMIS 200 swing door kits will meet the highest requirements in terms of technical performance design, and functionality. The available range of functions allows easy adaptation to suit any type of requirement including fully automatic, push-and-go, push pads, and access control. In case of emergency or a power failure, the PREMIS automatic door opener is equipped with backup batteries and can be operated in different working modes to facilitate the evacuation of all pedestrians. The PREMIS sensor will detect smoke and disable automatic opening in the event of a fire.

For supply-only customers, we provide training for all our products including our swing door kits. These training events are provided at our factory unit in Bristol, we have many products readily available for a live demonstration. These training workshops are free-of-charge, ensuring you and your customers both benefit from correct installation, wiring, and application requirements.

In case you need assistance selecting the appropriate swing door kit, contact our sales technical team at 01275 871787 we will be happy to provide assistance and help you choose the best option to automate your existing or new swing door installation.

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