Telescopic sliding door

ERREKA’s telescopic sliding doors are an ideal solution for doorways that require access with the widest opening possible. The telescopic openers are durable, reliable, and feature dynamic stability and a quick-easy installation. The door operation is smooth and silent with speeds of up to 1m/s in the opening. The telescopic sliding doors are suitable for heavy-duty operation including large commercial applications such as airports and supermarkets as well as medium to small applications such as office buildings, restaurants, and more.

The telescopic bespoke solution can be manufactured to match your requirements and the aesthetics of your facility. The available finishing include anodized silver for the aluminium framing and polyester powder coatings in different RAL colours. The glass panels come with standard glazing and double glazing per your request.

Telescopic sliding door mechanism

Erreka’s telescopic sliding door mechanisms are available in single sliding configuration and bi-parting configuration. The telescopic opener mechanism is grouped into a long profile that includes the gear motor, electronic board, and power supply assembly. The mechanism is adaptable to any door size using a transmission belt cut to size and a sub-drive subassembly pulley.

Telescopic sliding door systems

The system complies with European standard EN 16005 which provides user safety with electronic systems that prevent entrapment and ensure the correct operation of its sensors. The telescopic system comes equipped with motion sensors to open the doors and presence detection to avoid unexpected closure. There is also a monitored battery backup that provides up to 30 minutes of operation in case of power failure.

If you are looking for top quality and expertise, ERREKA is one of the best choices for telescopic sliding doors. We are capable of delivering a top-quality product that is guaranteed to function trouble-free for many years. For further questions regarding our doors, our installation services, and other related products, contact our technical sales team at 01275 871787. We’ll be able to assist and recommend suitable options for your application.

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