School, Bradford – Meeting Automatic Doors Safety Standards

Automatic Doors Safety Standards

Meeting Automatic Doors Safety Standards – The Client

ERREKA UK was called upon by a school in Bradford to improve access to their main entrance. The existing main entrance relied upon manual doors. Naturally, this made access problematic for students with disabilities; children would require assistance from parents and teachers in order to gain entry into the building. As a result, the client was looking to modernise the entrance by automating the doors; this would bring the school up to date; ensuring that it meets automatic doors safety standards. What is more, the improved access would secure the schools inclusivity; attracting a wider range of parents to consider the school for their children.

The Requirements

So, it was clear that the automated doors would need to comply with the latest and most demanding automatic door safety standards in order to prevent any unnecesary risks to the children. As a result, the doors would need to be compliant with the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA). What is more, the openers needed to power the automation should be cost effective and swift to install; avoiding any unnecesssary disruption where possible.

The Result

ERREKA reccomended that the entrance adopt the PREMIS 120. These openers are fully compliant with the latest regulations (including DDA). What is more, the automatic door opener will activate through Push Pads; this will allow users to easily push a button to open the doors. As a result, the doors will not open and close unneccessarily; this helps to safeguard the children and prevents energy wastage. Finally, with the PREMIS 120 built with pre-existing builds in mind, installation was fast and straight forward. The finished product ensures that the school is fully capable of providing the same high quality experience for any student, regardless of their needs.

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ERREKA are members of ADSA – The Automatic Doors Suppliers Association.

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