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Automatic Doors for Business

Automatic Doors for Business – The Client

The propietors of County Gates (a modern, 4 storey office building located in the heart of Bristol) were looking to make improvements to the front entrance of their building. Following an interior refurbishment; the client was keen to extend these improvements to the entrance. An all-new set of ERREKA automatic doors for business would complete the modernisation of the building; providing visitors with excellent access to the site. What is more, with the addition of an attractive entrance system, the building would relay a positive image for business customers and investors.

The Requirements

Naturally, it was essential that the new automatic door system provided a striking, yet functional aesthetic. Likewise, the automatic door would need to provide good disabled access, meeting the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act. In addition, the client expected the doors to provide effective noise isolation in order to block out the sounds of the bustling city. Finally, the automatic door must prove to be a cost-effective, long term solution, providing good reliabilty and cutting down on energy usage where possible.

The Result

So, after finalising the requirements with the client; it was decided that the entrance would be fitted with a RAL Black Automatic Swing Door. This would be in addition with a toughened glass entrance screen. Furthermore, the swing door would be operated by the PREMIS 120 Opener.Essentially, this opener is renown for its all-round durability. What is more, it is capable of providing an air-tight seal; this means that the building is less susceptible to heat-loss (making the building more energy efficient). Finally, this seal also helps to block noises from penetrating the building. The new entrance finished off the modernisation of the building, leaving visitors with a fantastic first impression.

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ERREKA are members of ADSA – The Automatic Doors Suppliers Association.

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