IKEA Washroom, Exeter – Automatic Door Entry System

Automatic Door Entry System

Automatic Door Entry System – The Client

IKEA, the worlds largest furniture retailer, enlisted the support of ERREKA UK to install a bespoke automatic door entry system for a washroom in Exeter. Specifically, the retailer was looking for specialist assistance to ensure that staff carrying heavy goods (such as plates and trays); could navigate in and out of the washroom quickly and effectively. With a large number of customers making use of IKEA’s cafeteria every day; this new addition would provide a safe working environment for staff, whilst ensuring that customers recieve the best experience.

The Requirements

With ease of use being a number one priority; it was vital that the washroom was easily accessible by staff carrying heavy goods. What is more, the automatic sliding door must provide a wide opening arch in order to accomodate the regular flow of food trolleys entering and exiting the washroom. Subsequently, it was essential that the automatic sliding door was both durable and reliable, for it must endure heavy usage during peak times. Finally, the doors must comply with the latest health and safety legislation (including the Disability Discrimination Act).

The Result

ERREKA fitted the Washroom with a wide opening ERTAIN Automatic Sliding Door; this came complete with Elbow push pads for activation. This configuration will allow staff to easily negotiate the door with their elbow whilst carrying heavy goods. As a result, the doors will not open and close unneccessarily; this helps to safeguard the staff and prevents excess energy wastage. The DDA compliant ERTAIN opener was chosen for its well established durability. This provides the client with the peace of mind that the sliding door will continue to operate efficiently long in to the future.

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ERREKA are members of ADSA – The Automatic Doors Suppliers Association.

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