Gastro Restaurant – Glass Shopfront, Bristol


Glass Shopfront – The Client

ERREKA UK recently lent its expertise to help establish a trendy new Gastro Restaurant in Bristol. The resteraunt; which is a part of the thriving hub of activity found in Millenium Square, is located adjacent to the harbourside. In order to make the most of its prime location; the proprietors were looking to complete the exterior of the building with a contemporary glass shopfront entrance. Essentially, this will ensure that the resteraunt stands out to passersby. This, of course, is vital to maximising potential profits in what is a highly competitive business environment.

The Requirements

The proprietors were keen to implement a transparent shopfront; allowing passersby to look inside the restaurant and get a feeling for the ‘vibe’ on offer. A glass entrance screen would also allow the proprietors to maximise space inside the building; providing more room to seat customers. What is more, with the premises expecting high demand, it was vital that the door can sustain heavy usage for a prolonged period of time. Clearly, this is especially important during the summer when customers look to capitalise on the good weather with visits to the harbour.

The Result

In keeping with the modern exterior, ERREKA finished the build with attractive glass entrance screens and a matching manual door. This complete package provides the inside of the restaurant with a spacious, airy feel. With the sleek, unobtrusive entrance maximising visibility, the proprietors are free to make the most of the additional space with advertising or promotions.

Like all of our products, our manual entry doors are built to the highest standards; providing you with the peace of mind of long term durability.

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