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Automatic Office Doors – The Client

The proprietor of a busy set of offices located in Bristol recently got in touch with ERREKA UK; the client was looking to upgrade their entrance to provide disabled access to their site. By refreshing the entrance with new Automatic Office Doors, the offices would be able to provide equal access for all members of staff. What is more, the revised entrance would lend additional confidence to business customers and potential investors.

The Requirements

The client was looking for an elegent, yet ultimately functional, design. Due to limited interior space, it was vital that the automatic door was able to provide a wide opening arch. This would provide disabled users with the maximum amount of space to negotiate the entrance. In addition, the client requested that the automatic door came with full access control. This extra functionality will allow the doors to co-operate with the business’ specific needs. For example, the client can use the software to restrict access to the site after a set period of time. Finally, the automatic door should prove both energy efficient and reliable over time.

The Result

After consulting with the client; the entrance was complete with a DDA Compliant RAL White Automatic Swing Door. The installation will include push pads, providing simple, stess-free access for all. Subsequently, the push pads will ensure that the door does not accidently respond to movement outside, providing energy savings for the client. Finally, the door itself is powered by the PREMIS 120 opener, this reliable opener will provide an air tight seal, further boosting energy savings. With the new automatic door providing excellent access, disabled staff have found negotiating the premises a much simpler prospect.

If you would like any further information about what we can do for you. Please call ERREKA on 01275 871787.

ERREKA are members of ADSA – The Automatic Doors Suppliers Association.

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