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Automatic Doors: Introduction to Automatic Doors Servicing

ERREKA Automatic Doors & Shopfronts UK Ltd supply and install automatic door entrance solutions and shop fronts throughout the United Kingdom. With decades of experience, our expertise shines above the rest for all your automatic door needs — from installation to automatic doors servicing, we are here to help.

Automatic Doors: Servicing – ERREKA Annual Maintenance Package

Following on from the proffessional installation by ERREKA UK door technicians; ERREKA offer customers an annual maintenance package. This subsequently consists of one to two visits per year. This service provides full adjustments…rectifying minor faults; checking opening and closing speeds; activation and safety sensors.

  1. Our automatic door technicians travel to site address (at a date/time which suits you)
  2. All automatic door operator functions undergo full testing to ensure that the doors are operating efficiently and safely.

The ERREKA service technician carries out various tests to ensure full operating and safety compliance. Automatic doors servicing is fully compliant with BS EN 16005 and BS 7036 1996 regulations.

Servicing Checks:

  • The opening and closing forces static entrapment.
  • The Inner and Outer Radar in the activation detection zones.
  • The Safety Sensor Detection Zones (using BS 7036 or BS EN 16005 test box)
  • The Threshold Area/ closing direction: including straight approach field width and field depth, hold open beams.
  • Mini Finger Trap Gap; Leading stile to Mulian; rear stile entrapment distance.
  • Mechanical Protection; barriers; finger guard; pocket screens (if applicable).
  • Escape system;
  • Door Signage (if applicable)
  • Additionally, our door technicians will check that the fixings that hold the automatic door operator are secure.
  • The locks, framework and glazing are intact.
  • CE label affixed and completed.
  • Fire Alarm contact tested.
  • Program switch lockout tested logbook present and completed.

After completion of the service; a written report is given to the client outlining any serious defects. Likewise, the report will also detail any upgrades or parts needed to ensure correct functionality (and, of course, safety, for you and your customers).

If you would like any further information about what we can do for you. Please call ERREKA on 01275 871787.

ERREKA are members of ADSA – The Automatic Doors Suppliers Association.

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