Automatic Doors for Disabled Access

Automatic Doors for Disabled Access

Automatic Doors for Disabled Access: Easy Access for All!

Automatic doors deliver a number of perks for both business owners and the customers which use them. In line with modern trends; more and more business corporations tend to install automatic doors (as opposed to the manually operated traditional hinged doors). How the general public percieve your business is crucial in determining an indivdiual’s decision to opt for your services over a competitor. So, Automatic Doors for Disabled Access is absolutely vital to ensure that your business is recieved well by every type of customer; especially disabled customers.

Automatic Doors: Meeting the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA)

One of the main reasons for having Automatic Doors for Disabled Access is to provide easy and straightforward access for everybody; this is essential to meet the DDA (Disability Discrimination Act). Customers will no longer need to struggle with their bags of shopping; they will have the freedom to manoeuvre through the entrance/exit ways with ease and comfort.  What is more, elderly People and Vulnerable people will heap the benefits of Automatic Doors Disabled Access. Naturally, it makes perfect business sense to cater for everyone who may want to purchase your merchandise or services.

Automatic doors are, in addition, much safer in comparison to the original hinged style doors. In the event of an emergency, individuals can easily exit a building (given that there will be no congestion in the entranceway/exits). As a result, proprietors, employees and customers alike will be able to identify what is occurring both inside and outside of the premises. Subsequently, this means that they are able to respond swiftly in the event of any emergency situation.

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ERREKA are members of ADSA – The Automatic Doors Suppliers Association.

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