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Automatic Door Requirements

Automatic Door Requirements: How to Choose?

If you are considering automatic doors for your business premises, you may not know where to begin…For customers who are new to automatic systems, the prospect of considering automatic door requirements may seem rather daunting! However, you can put your worries to bed as ERREKA Auto Doors & Shopfronts UK LTD are on hand to look after the whole project for you. ERREKA UK is a company leading the way in the automatic door industry. As a result, we have years of experience, following thousands of high level installations throughout the United Kingdom.

The ERREKA Range: Sliding Doors or Swing Doors?

ERREKA Auto Doors & Shopfronts UK LTD supplies the ERTAIN Sliding Door range and the PREMIS Swing door range of automatic doors. Both ranges feature a high quality build at a low competitive cost. In addition, ERREKA UK supplies a comprehensive range of Automatic Door Equipment and Accessories. This, subsequently, makes it easier for us to design a bespoke entrance system that incorporate your ideas.

Automatic Sliding Doors are perfect for businesses that experience a high volume of pedestrian footfall. This typically includes areas such as: airports; hotels; schools; supermarkets. However, other business such as: Call centres; leisure centres; retirement homes; car sales rooms and exhibition centres also greatly benefit from the better access which automatic sliding doors provide.

Automatic Swing Doors are generally the preferred choice for smaller premises that have less daily pedestrian traffic and these include high street stores, post offices, and dentist/doctor’s surgeries.

Whilst there are number of automatic door models available on the market (such as: telescopic; bi folding; revolving and frameless glass designs). The most popular automatic doors continue to be automatic sliding doors or automatic swing doors. However, each model has its own merits on a case by case basis. As a result, it is important to consider which system will work best for your particular automatic door requirements.

The Automatic Door Advantage

There are several advantages to be gained from installing automatic doors at your premises and reducing overheads is just one of them. Due to the intelligent design, automatic doors will only open when an individual approaches and then, subsequently, close directly after the individual has safely passed through. Subsequently, there is no chance of the doors being left open and expensive heat escaping outside. As a result, this helps to regulate temperature inside the building. whilst at the same time, insulating the building from outside noises.

If you would like any further information about what we can do for you. Please call ERREKA on 01275 871787.

ERREKA are members of ADSA – The Automatic Doors Suppliers Association.


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