Automatic Doors Nottingham

Erreka offers a variety of automatic doors with high-quality materials and installation service in Nottingham.

Automatic doors improve accessibility for disabled persons and increase potential audience; reduce energy bills and can maintain consistent climate control within a building; prevent the need for users to make physical contact with the door. This helps to thwart the spread of harmful bacteria/viruses.

Our friendly customer service staff is available 24/7 to answer any questions or concerns you may have. They will guide you through the ordering process and help you get your best fit.

Erreka manufactures and installs automatic sliding doors, automatic swing doors, and automatic revolving doors. Our systems reduce energy consumption while improving traffic flow and access to your premises.

Discover with Erreka all the solutions for automatic doors Nottingham.

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    Automatic Doors Nottingham - which system is right for you?

    Automatic Sliding Doors Installation

    Retail | Commercial | Industrial

    Automatic Sliding Doors

    ERREKA generally recommend a sliding door system to be fitted wherever possible. Automatic sliding doors do not swing out into the room and therefore provide more interior space within your premises.

    Automatic Swing Doors Installation

    Retail | Commercial | Industrial

    Automatic Swing Doors

    ERREKA generally recommend a swing door system if the premises does not have enough space (width) to accommodate sliding doors.

    Revolving Doors

    Retail | Commercial | Industrial

    Automatic Revolving Doors

    ERREKA generally recommend a revolving door system for large entrances where maximum energy efficiency is a top priority.

    Aluminium Doors Installation

    Retail | Commercial | Industrial

    ERREKA manufacture and supply high quality commercial Aluminium Doors to improve the security and accessibility of your premises.

    Automatic Doors Nottingham- Additional Information

    ERREKA provide 2-year warranty for the product and 1-year warranty for the installation.

                Year 1: labour not chargeable, cost of parts not charged.

                Year 2: labour chargeable, cost of parts not charged.

    ERREKA provide service contract options to ensure that your automatic doors remain in good condition and continue to operate safely.

    Servicing contracts are available in 6 monthly or 12 monthly intervals. Please call us to arrange a service contract.

    What are our doors made from?

    Our doors are manufactured from SAS Aluminium profiles.

    What Warranty do ERREKA products carry?

    All of our products carry a 2-year warranty.

    When do automatic doors need servicing?

    This depends on the frequency of use. High use premises (e.g. stores/shops) should have their automatic door openers serviced every 6 months. Low use premises require servicing at least once a year.

    What type of door should I have?

    This is dependent on width restrictions and the type of door which will best suit your business/premises. Our sales team can help with this information, please contact us for further advice.

    Do you do site surveys?

    Yes, an ERREKA surveyor will carry out a full site survey prior to installation.

    What are your lead times?

    Lead times are 2-3 weeks on automatic door products and 3-4 weeks on doors and screens.

    What types of glass do you use?

    All installations are glazed with either 6.4mm laminated glass, 6/8/10mm toughened glass or DGU (Double-Glazed Units). All of our glass is compliant to glass safety regulations.


    Shopfront, Entrance Screens and Doors – BS6063.

    Powder Paint – BS6496.

    Glazing – BS6262; BS6262/4; BS1449.

    Gaskets – BS3734; BS7412.


    What power supply is required?

    We require a dedicated 13Amp Switchable Fused Spur, located within 1 metre of the door head.

    How long will the installation take?

    All installations can vary according to the type of product but most are carried out within one to two days.


    What if I’m looking for a supply only service?

    Please visit our Online Trade Counter for our full range of automatic door parts and accessories.

    Do you remove existing doors?

    Yes, we can remove existing doors if required. However, there will be an additional charge.

    Do you automate existing doors?

    Yes, in most cases our automatic door openers can be configured with your existing doors. Please contact us for more information.

    Can the doors be double glazed?

    Yes, doors can be double glazed if required, please contact us for more details.

    Automatic Doors, Shopfronts, Steel Fire Exit Doors

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