ERREKA Sliding Door Openers

ERREKA’s automatic sliding doors openers are assembled with top quality components that guarantee long-lasting and reliable operations for years to come. Choose from a wide variety of sliding door openers from the ERREKA series Ertain 4, Global 4, and Telescopic automatic door openers. Each series comes with different load capacities and functionalities made to fit basically any application including and not limited to large buildings such as supermarkets, hotels, airports, hospitals, and small and medium buildings such as offices, chemists, post offices, banks,  and restaurants.

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Automatic sliding door opening system

The automatic sliding door opening systems are thoroughly tested to make sure they comply with the most strict European and international standards EN16005 & BS 7036:1996. The sliding door openers can be configured in different modes to make sure they function properly in the case of emergency leaving the doors open or closed as required by the facility. The openers include emergency batteries as well. ERREKA’s sliding openers feature a smooth and silent operation, dynamic stability,  and fast response to allow pedestrians safely into the premises.

Automatic sliding door opening suppliers

ERREKA’s is a leading supplier of sliding door components including the opener systems. Our expert technical service can help find the ideal opener for your application depending on your door size, weight, and other functional characteristics. 

For supply only customers we provide training for all our products. These training events are provided at our factory unit in Bristol, we have many products readily available for a live demonstration. These workshops are free-of-charge, ensuring you and your customers both benefit from correct installation, wiring, and application requirements. Contact our technical sales team at 01275 871787. We’ll be happy to assist and recommend the best option for your sliding door opening system.

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