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The Next Generation ERREKA Automatic Sliding Door Openers are prepared for heavy traffic, both in large (supermarkets, hotels, airports, hospitals) and in small and medium buildings (offices, chemists, post offices, banks, restaurants) The most important features of our sliding door systems are their silent movement when opening and closing, plus dynamic stability with quick and easy installation.

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Automatic sliding door mechanism

Our automatic sliding doors are bespoken to suit your specific needs and requirements and feature sleek and modern designs that blend seamlessly with the surroundings, help save space and operate silently. Further, the door systems are designed to allow heavy traffic flow without interruptions. ERREKA’s automatic sliding doors are the best choice for your application, guaranteed to outperform and outlast the competition due to its superior design, manufacturing, and installation services.

The automatic sliding door operators are designed for maximum reliability and operativity. Our sliding system can easily adapt to most building requirements including small and medium facilities such as shops and restaurants and large facilities such as airports and supermarkets. The available finishings for the framing and glass panels are diverse and allow multiple combinations to suit the style of your building. 

Automatic sliding glass door dimensions

The space you want to cover with the door will determine its dimensions as well as the number of panels. A common standard size people will choose is a two-panel sliding glass door which may also include two fixed panels, one on each side. However, our automatic sliding door solution extends beyond the typical width and height configurations and adapts to most spaces.

Automatic sliding doors cost

The cost of automatic sliding doors depends largely on their size, framing, and automatic operators. Other factors to consider are the finishings for the framing and glass panels as well as the accessories. Our premium technical service can provide you with a cost-effective solution that boasts great value and is specifically adapted to your business requirements and needs.

ERREKA possesses expertise in automatic sliding doors and can deliver a top-quality product that is guaranteed to function trouble-free for many years. For further questions regarding our doors, our installation services, and other related products, contact our technical sales team at 01275 871787. We’ll be able to assist and recommend suitable options for your application.

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