ERREKA Finger Guards

Doors are used everyday by everybody but they are potentially dangerous and according to RoSPA there are over 30,000 finger injuries every year.

Finger guards for doors

Children’s finger guards for doors

Teachers, parents, and carers have become increasingly aware of the danger of children trapping their fingers in closing doors and to avoid accidents recent legislation BS7036 Part 4: item 7.1 recommends “the use of a finger guard that either fills the finger trap or minimises the gap so as not to create a finger trap. Independently tested to over 1 million opening & closing cycles and prevents fingers entering the cavity formed between the door and the frame.

Finger guards for automatic doors

Finger guards improve access security in schools, offices, restaurants, restaurants, shops and many other buildings. We offer a wide range of finger guards designed to eliminate the risk of fingers getting caught in doors and gates.

Erreka offer a wide range of finger protectors designed to eliminate the risk of finger trapping in both the major and minor hinge gaps of interior and exterior doors.

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