School, Bristol – Automatic Doors

Automatic Doors – The Client

A local school recently contacted ERREKA inquiring about a set of automatic doors for the main entrance of a new extension at their school. Above all, the client wanted to create a rich new learning zone for students. As a result, it was clear that automatic doors were to be an essential part of the new build; the client desired an entrance which was equally modern, meeting the latest regulations. Subsequently, with the help of the new set of automatic doors, the client hoped that the building would provide an open, airy space which would provide the perfect back drop for study. What is more, the new building would show case the school; leaving a good first impression with parents looking for a school right for their children.

The Requirements

So, it was clear that the client would require doors which comply with the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA); this would make sure that the doors provide easy access for everyone. Furthermore, the doors must have safety measures in place in order to prevent the children from harming themselves. Finally, the client expects the new doors to be cost effective.

The Result

ERREKA recommended that the new entrance came equipped with the ERTAIN sliding door opener; this opener is fully compliant with the latest regulations (including DDA), passing the European Standard EN 16005. Furthermore, the ERTAIN opener features highly advanced sensors; this means that the doors can detect small movements and will stop closure if a child gets too close.

Following a swift and straight forward fitting, the client told us how happy they were with the new entrance. The automatic sliding doors completed the modern new look whilst improving access for all visitors. Furthermore, the new doors were able to trap heat inside the building leaving the school with a saving on their energy bills. Parents found the new learning zone perfect for the children, helping to improve focus and attention, whilst creating a warm and friendly feel.

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ERREKA are members of ADSA – The Automatic Doors Suppliers Association.