DDA Automatic Door Toilet System

ERREKA Automatic Toilet Door System

DDA Automatic Door Toilet System


The ERREKA DDA Automatic Door Toilet System is a visionary new product that opens and closes the bathroom door to your toilet by touch or by sensors

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The ERREKA DDA Automatic Door Toilet System is a visionary new product that opens and closes the bathroom door to your toilet by touch or by sensors. This aesthetically pleasing feature does not use much energy once installed and is simple to use.

The ERREKA DDA Automatic Door Toilet System is now available for residential and commercial use. Adding this feature will allow users to enter and exit the toilet without even having to touch the door. Many people do not like the thought of coming in contact with so many potential germs from multiple uses by family members, coworkers or strangers. This product will leave you feeling safer just by reducing potential health threats when engaged. When the door is fully closed, there is a touch to lock feature available. This is used to ensure privacy and any unwanted accidental entry from other people on the outside of the door. A red indicator through LEDs on the outside of the door will light up to let other people know the facility is occupied. There is also another indicator for the user on the inside of the door to let you know this feature is engaged. When leaving the toilet, the LED will turn blue once activated. This tells the door to open and allows you to leave.

The sensor switches will function without actual touch – work through gloves and are washable.

Free entry or with Access Control.

Swing Door: Leaving the Door in an unlocked state enables Manual or Assisted entry.
This also encourages the user to locate the “Touch to Lock” sensor therefore ensuring that the system has been switched to the “Engaged” mode before using the facility.

Entering: the facility either Manually or with “Assisted Entry” the Door must be shut before the “Touch to Lock” sensor will function, therefore inhibiting pranksters. This is achieved by a Normally Closed Door contact. preferably incorporated within the Lock. Simply operate the “Touch to Lock – Touch to Open” sensor to lock the door. The Red LEDs will illuminate on both internal and external units denoting “Engaged”. The “Assisted Entry” sensor will no longer function.

Exiting: the facility simply operate the “Touch to Lock – Touch to Open” sensor, the Red LED changes to Blue & the door will unlock and Open Automatically (if fitted)

Emergency Exit / Entry: the Emergency Entry key switch can be supplied mounted within the external “Door Assist” fascia.
We strongly advise the fitting of an “Activated signal” Sounder to the Emergency – Break Glass unit to announce that the Door will not be Locked when in “Locked” mode, and requires resetting.

Vacant / Engaged: A link on the PCB enables Flashing or Solid status LEDs. Blue for Vacant – Red for Engaged

A separate Engaged / Vacant sign is available when incorporated into an access control system. A Proximity Access reader is available incorporated within the Round Engaged – Vacant unit.

Sensors / Signage: Any combination of sensor can be incorporated (bespoke label option) An additional Engaged / Vacant illumination panel is also available.

Power Supply: A 12 or 24 v Minimum 1A Battery Backed Power supply is required.

The system can be simply interfaced into an Access Control system when restricting access is required. 

All automatic doors must comply with EN16005

ERREKA is one of the leading specialists in automatic pedestrian doors and provides a full range of automatic door systems meeting all standard application requirements for commercial, industrial and public sector environments.

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