Case Study: Fishers Mobility Store Hemel – Hempstead

Fishers Mobility Store Situation: Automatic Doors

A large busy mobility store located in Hemel – Hempstead recently contacted ERREKA Automatic Doors & Shopfronts UK Ltd for assistance in finding an automatic doors solution with full frontage along with an enclosure for the customers to rest in their wheelchairs or mobility scooters whilst waiting to be attended too.

The mobility store waiting lounge serves very many customers throughout the year and there was currently nowhere for them to wait. The mobility store wanted to create a welcoming enclosure for the benefit of the customers. Due to the heavy pedestrian footfall and individuals driving mobility scooters the waiting area was required to be welcoming and light.

Fishers Mobility Store Automatic Door Solution:

To best fulfil the needs of the client in totality, ERREKA Automatic Doors & Shopfronts UK Ltd supplied and installed automatic doors featuring the 2no Automatic Bi-Part Sliding Entrance Screen which utilises a ERREKA ERTAIN to offer easier access for the busy entrance and exit of the mobility store.

The spaces above the doors and all-round the canopy had additional lighting installed by the main contractors and the glass of the automatic doors and of the sides were manufactured from toughened glass for additional security.

The doors were fitted with highly durable internal mechanics to ensure these doors will open and close hundreds of times daily with little need for maintenance. The ERREKA range of ERTAIN automatic door operators are manufactured to the highest quality and from robust materials that will ensure they are durable enough to withstand the adverse weather conditions that we experience in the United Kingdom.

Fishers Mobility Store Automatic Door Outcome:

With the high level installation of the new 2no Automatic Bi-Part Sliding Entrance Screen the mobility store waiting area became a more attractive place for customers to rest prior to being attended to. For individuals with carers and family to assist them, the new automatic sliding door proved to be immensely popular. The new automatic doors used energy saving technology so the client could reduce its energy costs and as the doors cannot be left ajar, precious heat is retained within the building.

The highly durable system and toughened glass could well cope with the demands of hundreds of customers on a daily basis. The waiting area allowed the customers to wait inside the premises away from the harsh outside elements.

The 2no Automatic Bi-Part Sliding Entrance provides the client with enhanced confidence in the durability and accessibility of its entry and exit system while giving customers fantastic customer service from the offset of their shopping experience.

Generally, the new Bi-Part Sliding Entrance greatly improved the appearance of Fishers Mobility Store and delivers a smart, professional image to potential customers. Since the installation of the Bi- Part Sliding Entrance, footfall has increase and there has been a significant decrease in heating bills.

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