Case Study: Animal Farm Shepton Mallet

Animal Farm Situation:

The owners of a small but popular animal farm for children contacted ERREKA Automatic Doors & Shopfronts UK Ltd for assistance in finding an automatic door solution with full frontage and an enclosure for the visitors as they enter the premises. The animal farm experiences hundreds of visitors on a daily basis which includes pupils from nearby schools and pre -school children accompanied by child minders and play group assistants. As it stands there was nowhere out of the harsh elements for visitors to register themselves in as the entrance had no frontage. The animal farm owners wanted to create an enclosure for the visitors as they arrived at the farm. Due to heavy pedestrian footfall at the farm on a daily basis the farm owners required an automatic door entrance system, a new canopy alongside a small rest area.

Automatic Door Solution:

To fully meet the requirements of the client in totality,  ERREKA Automatic Doors & Shopfronts UK Ltd supplied and installed automatic doors featuring the 2no Automatic Bi-Part Sliding Entrance Screen which utilise the ERREKA ERTAIN to provide straightforward access for the busy entranceway and exit of the animal farm. The spaces above the doors and all-round the canopy had additional lighting installed by the main contractors. The glass sections of the automatic doors and all the sides were manufactured from toughened glass for additional safety and security. With so many youngsters using the farm facilities the toughened glass gave the farm owners peace of mind that the risk of accident or injury would be reduced.

Automatic Door Outcome:

With the new entranceway installed by highly trained door technicians to the highest possible standard the reception area became a far more attractive and welcoming place to register the children and it also felt a lot safer. There was ample room to park up pushchairs and prams in the new reception area and parents and guardians felt secure in the knowledge that unauthorised individuals could no longer just wander on through to the animal park.

The highly durable and reliable automated system and toughened glass coped extremely well with the demands of the hundreds of visitors each day and of course was a perfect entrance system to endure the dreadful weather conditions that we experience in the United Kingdom. The enclosure protected the visitors from the outside elements and the automated doors ensured that the cold winter winds were kept out as much as possible. The 2no Automatic Bi-Part Sliding Entrance provides the client with enhanced confidence in their durability and accessibility.

Overall, the new entranceway into the animal park improved the external appearance of the premises. This should encourage more people to visit the farm as the property appeared more friendly and welcoming. The animal farm owners were very happy with the new automatic entrance way and ERREKA Automatic Doors & Shopfronts UK Ltd were proud to be part of this project.

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