Automatic Sliding Doors: Boringdon Hall

Boringdon Hall Automatic Sliding Doors Situation:

The history of Boringdon Hall stretches back as far as the Doomsday Book, where one of the earliest mentions of a permanent construction was recorded. The name Boringdon comes from the Saxon `Burth – y – Don` meaning enchanted place on the hill. Since then, Boringdon Hall in Plymouth has of course, had a rather extravagant make over, giving this stately pile a serious air of perfection with 40 devotedly designed rooms and 2 restaurants for fine dining.    Just recently, a company contracted by the owners of Boringdon Hall contacted ERREKA Automatic Doors & Shopfronts UK Ltd to request assistance in locating automatic sliding doors solution for their prestigious hotel in Plymouth. Boringdon Hall is a fantastic venue for hotel guests, many bespoke weddings are held there and the hotel caters for an immense number of guests each and every year.

These guests of course transport several items of luggage and finery and whilst the concierge often attends to the guest’s luggage many of the hotels guests still prefer to carry their own belongings.

The hotel and hall requires an environment that must be easily accessible for the guests to manoeuvre their luggage in and out. Improved access is necessary to prevent overcrowding and delays in the entranceways.

The client also wanted to add access control into the automatic sliding doors solution for the night times to enable better site security within the hotel complex.

Boringdon Hall Automatic Sliding Doors Solution:

In order to fulfil the requirements of the client in totality, ERREKA Automatic Doors & Shopfronts UK Ltd managed to effectively supply and install ERREKA Ertain automatic doors to the entrance of the hotel building to deliver much improved access and exit.

ERREKA Automatic Doors & Shopfronts UK Ltd utilised the ERREKA Ertain to provide Boringdon Hall with a large entranceway with access control. The automatic sliding doors were manufactured from aluminium which is a robust, lightweight, but extremely strong material making these automatic sliding doors the ideal entrance solution for the hotel.

Manufactured to the precise specifications of the hotels structure, the automatic sliding doors were effective in standing up to the demands of continuous entry and exit of the hotel guests. As this popular venue hosts conferences, company training days, birthday, christenings, wakes and marriages, the daily foot fall into Boringdon Hall is extremely high and the ERREKA Ertain Doors were more than able to cater for this amount of pedestrian traffic.

Boringdon Hall Automatic Sliding Doors Outcome:

With the effective and innovative new automatic sliding doors system carefully installed by ERREKA Automatic Doors & Shopfronts UK Ltd’s experienced door technicians, the client received the comforting assurance of a modern and stylish entrance and exit that was large enough to accommodate the pedestrian traffic and all their luggage and equipment. These automatic sliding doors offered a durable and cost effective solution which was ideally suited to the needs of the hotel.

Along with the comfortable and straight forward access now provided for the guests and visitors another tier of security was added.

The newly installed automatic doors offered the hotel a much more user friendly system where hotel guests carrying heavy bags and belongings did not have to stop and open heavy, manual doors. The hotel guests were able to transport their belongings inside and out to their vehicles quickly and easily with minimum fuss.

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