Automatic Doors – Sunnyside Medical Centre

How ERREKA Automatic Doors & Shopfronts UK Ltd designed an automatic doors solution for a busy medical centre in Watford and provided the medical centre with a welcoming new frontage that was both DDA compliant, with a larger entrance way which could accommodate wheel chairs and push chairs. In addition extra natural light was achieved and the new system helped the medical centre reduce heating and lighting costs.

Automatic Doors

Sunnyside Medical Centre Situation

The Sunnyside Medical Centre in Watford contacted ERREKA Automatic Doors & Shopfronts UK Ltd to help them find the most suitable automatic door solution for the entrance of the medical centre. The medical centre had quite a few years ago installed a disabled ramp to comply with the Disability Discrimination Act but really needed to complete their compliance in this area.

The partners of the Practise wanted to open the medical centre up to make it more welcoming and also to bring in more natural light. The medical centre wanted the entrance to be more like a lobby – providing the medical centre with extra space at the front, as well as having an area that was suitable for the patients to park up wheel chairs, prams, or just to wait inside out of the cold and rain for lifts.

Automatic Door Solution:

ERREKA Automatic Doors & Shopfronts UK Ltd supplied and installed 1no Aluminium Entrance Screens which are often used as part of shop fronts, with 1no ERREKA Ertain Automatic Bi-Part Opener to the medical centre. The existing doorway was dramatically widened and the large entrance screen went up to the top of the building and consisted of large windows all the way round the entrance.

A second inner entrance way was also surrounded by large blue aluminium frame windows which matched the signage and decor of the Medical Centre.

Sunnyside Medical Centre Outcome:

As well as conforming to all the regulations and compliance of the DDA (Disability Discrimination Act), the new automatic entrance system at the medical centre was far more accessible to everyone. The automatic doors enabled both the disabled and the infirm to enter and exit the medical centre with ease and comfort and most importantly for their independence as they did not require assistance.

Another advantage of the automatic doors at the medical centre was that the doors did not have to be propped open to allow medical supplies and blood deliveries to be made. The old traditional doors that are generally made out of timber prove to be cumbersome and awkward for the elder members of our society and the automatic doors eradicated this issue.

A huge benefit of the new automatic doors is that they significantly reduce the overheads at the medical centre. It is of course important that medical centres are kept warm for the elderly, young children and patients who are unwell. As we are all aware heat is a very expensive commodity and every opportunity to reduce the cost of heating should be examined. The beauty of automatic doors is that they retain the heat inside the building; the doors are not able to be propped open or indeed left open by absent minded patients, visitors or delivery drivers in a rush. The horrid weather that we experience in this country is kept firmly outside and the additional lobby space even allowed for 2 no umbrella stands!

Automatic Door System: Additional Benefits

Another great outcome is that the front of the medical centre has a more open and welcoming space. The patients and their families have plenty of room to park mobility scooters, prams and wheel chairs whilst still remaining safe from the outside elements. It also meant that patients waiting for lifts when the weather was bad would be able to wait in the warm and dry as well.

The large windows at either side ensure that much more natural light gets in to the heart of the medical centre which again significantly reduces electricity bills.

An open plan frontage of this kind makes the medical centre appear more open and patient friendly. This delivers a strong message of confidence and trust to the service users and enables the employees to be proud of the environment that they work in. The automated entrance system now has a positive effect on how the medical centre is viewed within the community.

ERREKA Automatic Doors & Shopfronts UK Ltd has since been approached by several other similar surgeries who have also wanted to upgrade their premises with this kind of automatic door system.

ERREKA Automatic Doors & Shopfronts UK Ltd can be contacted on 01275 871787 where our sales staff will be delighted to assist you with your enquiry.