Automatic Doors Sports Retail Outlet – Burnham On Sea

How ERREKA Automatic Doors & Shopfronts UK Ltd helped a popular sports retail outlet in Burnham on Sea to improve their entranceway with robust durable automatic doors that made shopping there a far better shopping experience.

Automatic Doors – Situation:

This sports retailer is a well established company operating in the South West but with over 60 stores nationally. The goal of the store is to encourage more people to embark in a sports activity and to improve customer footfall and sales growth.

Fairly recently, the directors of Sports for All launched a major revamp for the look of all their stores. This included adding a new clothing range for children in their stores, changing their branding and renovating the appearance of their stores. To assist with these changes, Sports for All approached ERREKA Automatic Doors & Shopfronts UK Ltd to help them find an automatic door solution for their premises. The objective was to make the out of date store more welcoming to potential customers, and to improve the aesthetic appeal, of the store. Operational costs needed to be reduced whilst at the same time considering current safety and DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) regulations.

Automatic Doors Solution:

In order to fulfil the client’s needs, ERREKA Automatic Doors & Shopfronts UK Ltd supplied and installed ERREKA Ertain Automatic Bi-Part Openers to the store. This type of ERREKA automated door system is designed for premises that experience heavy pedestrian traffic. Because of its durability, it can open and close a thousand times a day yet still be robust enough to last many years even with the adverse weather conditions that we experience all too often in the United Kingdom.

The modern design of the automatic doors is unobtrusive so they blend well with the walls and front facade. It comes with a choice of colours so the aluminium frames can be made to fit in with the new branding.

Automatic Door Outcome:

The durable sliding automatic doors system proved to be the best solution for the large retail store that already has huge numbers of customers.

The new improved look of the entrance of the store was the perfect match for all other improvements that they are undergoing. Customers were welcomed through the streamlined automatic doors thanks to the super sensitive sensor that ensures that the doors open up efficiently and above all safely as an individual approaches them. The sliding system was ideal in providing convenience to the customers of the store.

The store should certainly notice a significant reduction in energy costs as these automatic doors help keep precious heat inside the building. The temperature is able to be maintained inside the premises and provides a more comfortable shopping experience for their customers. By installing automatic doors the store was in addition able to reduce its carbon footprint on the environment.

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