Automatic Doors -Swansea Service Station

Murco Petroleum Limited is one of the United Kingdom’s leading petroleum refiner and distributor. Murco, the subsidiary of the Murphy Oil Corporation, was established in 1960, and today it operates over 460 service stations throughout England, Scotland and Wales. A short while ago the owners of a petroleum service station in Swansea contacted ERREKA Automatic Doors & Shopfronts UK Ltd, to request assistance in locating an automatic doors solution for their petrol station located in Swansea.

The petrol station serves very many customers on a daily basis including non petrol buyers as the station has a mini market attached with a comprehensive range of products and merchandise on display. The petrol stations shop serves the local villagers with daily groceries and house hold items.

Many of the villagers who purchase their goods from the mini market at the petrol station are elderly or parents with young children in tow and therefore the petrol stations entrance structure requires an environment that must be easily accessible for its customers. Improved access is necessary as the number of customers using the petrol station is growing due to a food franchise being recently located there.

Automatic Door Solution:

To best meet the requirements of the client in full, ERREKA Automatic Doors & Shopfronts UK Ltd managed to effectively supply and install ERREKA Ertain automatic doors to the petrol station to deliver improved access and exit. ERREKA Automatic Doors & Shopfronts UK Ltd utilised the ERREKA Ertain to provide the petrol station with a large entranceway. The automatic doors are manufactured from aluminium which is as strong as steel but lightweight and extremely durable. These automatic sliding doors are perfect for businesses of this nature where pedestrian traffic is high.

Skilled fabricators manufactured the doors to the precise specifications of the client and the automatic doors were more than able to withstand the continuous entry and exit of customers.

Automatic Door Outcome:

With the effective and reliable new automatic door system, the client received the comforting assurance of an effective and efficient entrance and exit. The elderly using mobility aides and of course parents with prams were pleasantly surprised that this level of customer service had been achieved. These automatic sliding doors offered a durable and cost effective solution which was ideally suited to the needs of the petrol station and mini market.

The benefit of the sliding automatic doors enabled more than one customer at a time to manoeuvre through the entrance/way.

Automatic Door System: Additional Benefits

The newly installed automatic doors provided the petrol station with a user friendly system where individuals carrying heavy shopping or drivers in a rush did not have to stop and open up heavy doors.

Customers were able to enter and exit the premises quickly and easily with minimum fuss and this greatly improved customer feelings towards petrol station. The transparent but toughened glass used in the manufacturing of the sliding automatic doors also greatly improved security at the premises as employees could clearly see any untoward outside activity.