Automatic Doors: Nursing Home – Bideford

As the River Torridge tumbles towards the coast, it passes some of North Devon’s loveliest towns and villages before meeting the sea. The biggest of these towns, once North Devon’s principal port, is Bideford, with its ancient stone bridge and working harbour. Bideford is so popular with visitors and locals alike, as the narrow streets cascade from its historic pannier market towards the quayside in a jumble of antique shops, cafes and cosy pubs. Bideford is home to hundreds of patients and residents in the care homes and nursing homes that are located in and around Bideford. The owners of Blenheim Nursing home in Bideford North Devon recently contacted ERREKA Automatic Doors & Shopfronts UK Ltd to seek advice on upgrading their current automated system in their entrance/exit way.

Automatic Doors

Automatic Door Situation:

There has been a recent refurbishment on many other areas of the nursing home and it was felt that due considerations were given to the performance of the current entrance door system and of course the safety and security of the patients and nursing staff alike.

A new extension had been added to the nursing home which extended the dining and recreational room for additional comfort and space for the patients, their families, visitors and nursing staff alike. The nursing home has been operating for almost 30 years and is still a family owned business in the beautiful seaside town of Bideford. In line with the recent alterations at Blenheim Nursing Home the proprietors decided it was the right time to have their existing automatic swing door openers replaced.

Unfortunately, after very many years of heavy daily pedestrian use, the current automatic door operators would not be fit for purpose to fulfil the new requirements of Blenheim Nursing Home. The new objectives were quite clear and the current operators did not have enough functionality to meet those demands. Concerns arose with the old automatic door operators as there had been several issues with the sensors. The aim of replacing the automated system was to ensure efficient and above all safe accessibility into the nursing home at all times throughout the day. Improvements to security needed to be made for the ongoing welfare of the employees, visitors, as well as of course and most importantly the patients of the home.

Automatic Doors Solution:

ERREKA Automatic Doors & Shopfronts UK Ltd created the perfect access solution to the nursing homes issues. Keeping cost in mind, ERREKA Automatic Doors & Shopfronts UK Ltd did not need to replace the existing door but instead they installed a new set of quality and competitively priced ERREKA 120 automatic swing door operators that consisted of a package that included;

Pull arms that are designed for inward opening doors. A key switch that has three settings: “off” to turn off the automatic function, “hold “to keep the doors open, and “auto” to turn on the automatic mode.

Push pads – providing a push to open function, which is perfect for use during the day so that residents and visitors can easily enter the care home.

Activation sensors will automatically open the door when someone intends to exit. On-Door safety sensors will detect if there are individuals or objects around the back of the entrance.

The most important equipment that was required by Blenheim Nursing Home was the access control on the automatic doors. This access control system only allows entry to authorized individuals who are provided with the appropriate access card. These are designed to be used by employees of the nursing home, regular visitors including family members, occupational therapists and doctors. The access control is of course especially useful for the employees of Blenheim Nursing Home that need to enter the building for the night shift.


ERREKA Automatic Doors & Shopfronts UK Ltd conducted full testing after the installation of the operators to ensure that all the parts were working efficiently and above all safely for the users. The residents, visitors and families of the patients were more than satisfied with the outcome. In addition, everyone involved with the Nursing Home was very pleased that the security system had been upgraded.

Regardless of the footfall into and out of the premises every day, there has been no overcrowding in the entrance/exit. The automatic door openers are made of a high quality and durable material and it will be a very long time before the nursing home has to think about replacing them.

This fresh application to an existing automatic door entrance system can significantly reduce costs and also ensure that the doors are working efficiently and safely for all the patients and nursing teams working at the home.

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