Case Study: Automatic Doors: New Hall Hospital

New Hall Hospital: Wiltshire’s leading private hospitals with outstanding repute for quality healthcare with enhanced automatic doors improve image. Situated in 14 acres of quiet, landscaped parkland two miles south of Salisbury, the Georgian Manor House was opened as a hospital in 1980 and currently has 43 patient beds.

New Hall Hospital: Situation

Quite recently, ERREKA Automatic Doors & Shopfronts UK Ltd was contacted by representatives from New Hall Hospital in Sailsbury to discuss their requirements for automation of 6 no pair of doors at this prestigious hospital. New Hall hospital needed to have their existing doors automated to ensure a smooth entry and exit to and from the hospital for the comfort and ease of their patients and employees. In addition to this security needed to be improved. The existing manual swing doors did not have enough functionality to meet the new requirements of New Hall Hospital and they had certainly seen better days. The old doors could also cause safety issues as they were extremely heavy and difficult for the elderly and the disabled population groups. Traditional doors can often close onto or bang into individuals as they struggle to pass through the doorways safely.

Automatic Doors Solution:

As an answer to New Hall Hospitals issues with their old manual doors, ERREKA Automatic Doors & Shopfronts UK Ltd supplied and installed 6 no sets of quality ERREKA 120 automatic swing door openers that are equipped with an array of accessories. The beauty of the ERREKA automatic door openers is that they are ideal for applying to the majority of doors and therefore there was no need to replace the existing doors.

The new set of automatic door openers came with the following functions and features:

Pull/Push arms that are designed for either inward or outward opening doors.

Key switches that have three settings: “off” to turn off the automatic function, “hold “to keep the doors open, and “auto” to turn on the automatic mode

Access control – this only allows entry to personnel who are provided with an access card. This is designed for the medical staff so that only authorised personnel can enter specific areas of the hospital.

Push pads – providing a push to open function, which is ideal for use in the entrance/exit ways especially for the disabled and the elderly and for parents pushing youngsters in push chairs.

Activation sensors that automatically open the door when someone intends to exit the premises.

New Hall Hospital Outcome:

ERREKA Automatic Doors & Shopfronts UK Ltd`s experienced door technicians conducted a full test after the high level installation to ensure that everything was in order and working perfectly. The management, staff and above all the patients of New Hall Hospital were more than satisfied with the outcome.

In spite of the number of patients and out-patients that they have to accommodate every day, there has been no congestion in the entrance/exit way. The automatic door openers are made of high quality and durable material, and it will be a very long time before the hospital has to think about replacing them.

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