Case Study: Automatic Doors: Netherfield Primary School

Netherfield School has a strong family ethos which promotes learning and encourages the development of all pupils so that they want to go to school in order to learn, make progress, do well and have fun! Netherfield School pay attention to basic skills which will help children to be valuable members of an ever changing society.  Automatic doors were used to provide extra safety and give the teaching staff and pupils a sense of pride in their place of learning – Primary School.

Netherfield Primary School Situation:

Netherfield Primary School wanted to automate their existing doors with clear objectives. A new modern look to the entrance needed to be designed while at the same time increasing the security and safety of the school. Alongside this, disabled access was required for a few pupils who had recently joined the school. As well as being DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) compliant, access needed to be greatly improved for individuals attending evening classes and other activities held at the school. The aim was to make everyone in the building safe from any form of harm. In order to achieve this, Netherfield Primary School needed to find a contractor that would be able to design the best automated entrance solution and carry out the work within agreed time scales. ERREKA Automatic Doors & Shopfronts UK Ltd created a great solution and was able to fulfil the client’s requirements surrounding time scales.

Netherfield Primary School Solution:

ERREKA Automatic Doors & Shopfronts UK Ltd recommended that a 2 no pair of ERREKA 120 automatic swing door operators were installed. The quality ERREKA automatic swing operators came with activation and safety which are fully compliant to EN 16005 safety standards. The existing doors are aluminium with glass panels which give the school’s entrance a modern look and will make the building appear as good as new with this neat addition on the structure. Aluminium is an ideal material for door frames because it is robust enough to withstand excessive heat and rain. The automatic swing door operators addressed the need for safety and security. They can be easily locked to protect children inside the building and the automatic function allows for a speedy, efficient and above all safe access or exit.

Netherfield Primary School Outcome:

Everyone associated with Netherfield Primary School was very pleased with the result of the project. The automatic doors did improve the external appearance of the school. The pupils were able to enter and exit the school in a safe manner. The sensors in the automatic doors never faltered, so the pupils did not run the risk of injury by little hands being caught accidentally in the doors.

Netherfield Primary School achieved their initial goals. The glass panels in the doors allowed natural light to flood the entranceway making the atmosphere more comfortable and pleasant. High quality materials were used and due to the reliable automatic door operators the school will also be able to save on renovation and repair costs in the future as the aluminium and glass can last for a great number of years.

The automatic door operators managed the flow of pedestrian traffic flow in the school entrance and exit, even at key times of the day with children all rushing outside together. Quite quickly after installation, the school also noticed a reduction in their heating bill. It is expected that further savings will be made during the winter and the automatic doors keep outside elements from penetrating the building.

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