Automatic Doors Brushford Methodist Church:

Automatic DoorsBrushford is an upland village in the county of Devon and is mostly given over to sheep farming and situated on the southern edge of Exmoor. The Methodist Church is an old historic building serving a population of approximately 900 inhabitants. As the Methodist church is a focal point of the community it is used to house play groups and other local amenities including activities during the evenings. This popular church has seen an increase in parishioners over the last couple of years and steps needed to be taken to modernise the exterior of the church building.   How automatic doors from ERREKA Automatic Doors & Shopfronts UK Ltd provided a welcoming new frontage to the Evangelist church in Brushford near Devon and conformed to the DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) regulations whilst reducing their high heating and energy bills. They in addition provided a much needed extra communal space to the lobby area of the church.


The ministers of the Methodist Church in Brushford contacted ERREKA Automatic Doors & Shopfronts UK Ltd to help them find an automatic entrance system for the entrance of their church. A disabled ramp has already been installed to comply with the Disability Discrimination Act of 1995. (This is now known as the Equalities Act) however; automatic doors were also required in order to complete their compliance.

The general opinion of the parishioners and ministers was that a much larger entrance to the church was needed. It was agreed that if the church entrance was opened up it should make it far more welcoming and also bring more natural light into the church and hall. The parishioners wanted the entrance to be more like a lobby – providing the church with extra space at the front, as well as having somewhere for the congregation to chat, wait for public transport or lifts from family and friends away from the harsh outside elements.


ERREKA Automatic Doors & Shopfronts UK Ltd supplied and installed 1no Aluminium Entrance Screens which are often used as part of shop fronts, with 1no ERREKA Ertain Automatic Bi-Part Opener to the church. The existing doorway was significantly widened, the large entrance screen that reached up to the roof area consisted of large windows all the way round the entrance and a second inner entrance way was also surrounded by large white aluminium frame windows.


As well as now being in full compliance with the DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) the new church front was more accessible for all population groups. The automatic doors enabled the elderly and disabled parishioners to enter and exit the church with comfort and ease. The beauty of the automatic doors is that they cannot be left open, and this meant that when weddings, christenings, processions and harvest festivals were taking place the doors did not have to be propped open which helped keep expensive heat inside the church where it should be. The harsh elements were kept firmly at bay and the cold wind could not penetrate the church building. The automatic doors will assist in the reduction of energy costs over a period of time.


Another positive outcome is that the front of the Methodist Church is now a more open and welcoming space. The congregation can stop and chat in this area with plenty of room and still be safe from the outside elements. The Minister can meet and greet the parishioners on the way in or out and there is more communal time together before everybody leaves or even goes inside the worship area. During the dreadful weather conditions that we experience here in Great Britain it is refreshing for the parishioners to know that they can wait inside in the warm and dry for their transportation home.

The large windows at the frontage of the building allowed natural light to flood into the heart of the church which again helps reduce electricity bills.

This design of an open plan makes the church appear more open and far more welcoming which also has a strong positive effect on how the church is viewed. Everyone associated with the Methodist church was more than pleased with the outcome of the new entrance system.

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