Automatic Doors Health Club: Melksham

Automatic Doors Situation:

A brand new Health Club and swimming pool recently opened in Melksham this is one of the finest health clubs offering the very latest in health and fitness. It offers first-class facilities in the four-star gym, personal training plus great membership options.

Automatic Doors

The new build Health Club recently needed help with the design, manufacture and installation of an automatic door entry system in the Health Club in Melksham. Their remit included the following:

A modern and contemporary seamless design was required which will complement the building’s architecture. It needed to be seamless, with no visible or obtrusive parts. The entranceway needed to be manufactured from an extremely durable material that can withstand the adverse weather conditions that we experience here in the United Kingdom. In addition to this it needed to be able to isolate outside noise, pollution, and heat. A high quality automatic door was required for heavy pedestrian traffic yet requiring minimum maintenance.

With these objectives clearly identified, the Health Club owners were able to clearly relay these requirements to ERREKA Automatic Doors & Shopfronts UK Ltd which enabled us to create the perfect entrance solution for this prestige Health Club.

Automatic Doors Solution:

In response to the clearly defined requirements of the Health Club, ERREKA Automatic Doors & Shopfronts UK Ltd supplied and fitted a concealed ERREKA automatic bi-part opener with armour plate glass doors. This automatic door system has a closed header design, so the finished product looked completely seamless. Used in conjunction with the bi-part sliding motion, glass doors, and aluminium frames, the end result was a building that looked classy, elegant, and stylish which melds well with the overall building design.

The concealed automatic door operators improve the reliability and performance of the door system too because it keeps dust and debris away from the slide and track. As a result, little maintenance is needed to keep the operators from functioning well and any malfunctions caused by the accumulation of dirt are duly prevented.

The armour plate glass doors simply mean that they are made of toughened glass that can withstand extreme weather. As a direct result of this fractures are extremely unlikely to happen. The toughened glass also keeps outside noise from getting into the building, which is ideal in a setting where noise can distract the members and employees working inside.

Another advantage of using toughened glass is that it limits the chances of accidents occurring including excited youngsters running into them. The automatic sliding system, coupled with the toughened glass door, also ensures that heating and cooling costs are reduced because hot air during the summer and cold air during winter are prevented from getting into the building so a constant and comfortable environment is maintained throughout the year.

Health Club Outcome:

The owners of the Heath Club were very pleased with the outcome of the project. They are confident that the entire door system is made of durable and high quality materials that are perfect for a building that houses several franchises including a restaurant, spa, hair dressers and pool. This is of special concern for a Health Club that expects a lot of heavy traffic through its entrance every day.

The concealed overhead design does not only look good but protects the track too. The bi-part sliding door looks completely chic and modern, yet practical at the same time because of the minimum maintenance required. Outside noises are far less audible from within, and the environment’s temperature remains comfortable even if people enter and exit the premises all the time. As an additional benefit, the Health Club should see a significant decrease in their heating bills.

The result of the project was extremely satisfactory. The contemporary Health Club was more than pleased that they contracted ERREKA Automatic Doors & Shopfronts UK Ltd for the job.

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