Automatic Doors: Christchurch Borough Council

Automatic Doors Situation:

Quite recently, Christchurch Borough Council approached ERREKA Automatic Doors & Shopfronts UK Ltd for assistance in finding an automatic doors solution for their Council Offices. The Council building accommodates thousands of users from the local community and houses many different departments employing over 100 staff.

The Council building requires an environment which must be temperature controlled to ensure the offices are at a comfortable temperature for the employees and the service users. Alongside these criteria is the temperature controlled environment for the private and confidential data programs along with the essential Council security systems in order to prevent extensive and costly repairs. Furthermore, access to the Councils data and security systems needed to be secure at all times.

Automatic Doors Solution:

The automatic door system utilised automatic bi-part sliding entrance screens for both the inner and outer main entrance of the building, providing both security and energy efficiency to the structure. The automatic doors consist of aluminium which is a lightweight yet durable material that presents the ideal solution for both the inner and outer main entrance of the Council Building.

The system was manufactured to the precise specifications of the Councils main entrance following a survey by the CAD team which was then presented to the client for approval.

Automatic Doors Outcome:

The automatic door system provided the Council building with effective circulation of air as the automatic doors only open up as an individual approaches and closes directly afterwards. Additionally, the modern new system provided the Council building with the assurance of an effective and efficient temperature controlled environment for its many users and the people who work there. The automatic doors provided a cost effective, stylish, and efficient automated solution which were suitable to the Council Buildings requirements. The double entrance doors are linked to open in sequence which offered the users a large, easily accessible entrance.

Now the heat is being retained within the Council building and energy costs significantly reduced the automatic bi-part sliding entrance screens for both the inner and outer main entrance of the building proved to be very popular with the users and employees alike. The additional security was welcomed by everyone using the Council services. Parents with young children in tow and of course the disabled and elderly population groups could now access the Council offices with ease and comfort.

Automatic Doors System: Additional Benefits:

With the newly installed automatic doors, the Council was far better able to provide their users with a simplified way in which they could both enter and exit the premises. The automated doors allow the users and employees easy access to the lobby and waiting areas. The management and administration found that the new system featured a fundamental advantage of maintaining a comfortable temperature within the lobby seating area. This is due to the automatic doors not being able to be left open by absent minded users and staff.

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