Automatic Doors: Brenden Guest House

Brenden House Situation:

Brenden Guest House is on a quiet street without parking restrictions just around the corner from the heart of the Brenden Hills. There are public houses and a variety of cafes and restaurants to suit all tastes and pockets close at hand so the location of the Guest House is in a prime position.  Quite recently, this popular guest house approached ERREKA Automatic Doors & Shopfronts UK Ltd for assistance in designing an automatic door solution for the front of their Victorian Guest House dating from the 1850s at Brenden which has been welcoming visitors from all over the world since the 1940s and perhaps before. The guest house is very busy and popular with students and other young people from China, Taiwan, Japan and America.. The guest house accommodates a vast number of visitors throughout the year who both arrive and leave with their luggage. As the Guest house caters for all population groups but in particular for the younger adults it is always busy with the guests in and out throughout the daytime and the evening. The Guest House structure requires an environment which must be temperature controlled to ensure the guests comfort throughout the day and the night. It is in addition required to combine the essential Guest House security systems and to prevent extensive and costly repairs.

Automatic Doors

Automatic Door Solution:

In order to meet the needs of the client in their entirety, ERREKA Automatic Doors & Shopfronts UK Ltd fitted ERREKA automatic door closers with a fairly large frontage to protect all the guests waiting for taxis from the elements and also keep their luggage dry. The automatic door system utilised automatic bi-part sliding entrance screens for both the inner and outer main entrance of the building structure; providing both security and energy efficiency to the structure. The automatic doors consist of aluminium which is a light yet durable material that offers the ideal solution for both the inner and outer main entrance of the hotel. The system was manufactured to the precise specifications of the hotel’s main entrance following a survey by the CAD team which was then presented to the client for approval.

Automatic Door Outcome:

The effective circulation of air with the automatic door system installation assisted the busy guest house and its employees to prevent uncomfortable and possibly damaging inefficiencies in the temperature control of the building. Additionally, the innovative new system provided the client with the assurance of an effective and efficient temperature controlled environment for their guests 24 hours a day. The new automatic door system provided a cost effective, attractive and efficient solution which was perfect for the guest houses needs. The double entrance doors are linked to open in sequence which offered visitors a large, easily accessible entrance. With the successful retaining of heat and increased security, the automatic bi-part sliding entrance screens for both the inner and outer main entrance of the guest house proved to be immensely advantageous to the client.

Automatic Door System: Additional Benefits:

With the newly installed automatic doors, the guest house was better able to provide guests with a simplified way in which they could both enter and exit the premises with their entire luggage. In addition, the overhanging roof on the entrance offered a dry escape from damp weather conditions for guests awaiting taxi cabs or other forms of transportation or just waiting for friends. The automatic doors allow guests and employees easy access to the lobby with an additional extra warm welcome. The client found that the new system featured a fundamental advantage of maintaining a comfortable temperature within the lobby area.

Yet another advantage of automatic being installed at your business premises is that they significantly reduce energy costs. The automatic doors work on sensor beams that ‘sense’ when an individual approaches and then open up automatically allowing them to pass through the entrance/exit ways with ease and comfort. Automatic doors are far safer than the old manual doors that are heavy and difficult to open. The traditional doors are known for both slamming shut on people and for trapping body parts inside.

ERREKA Automatic Doors & Shopfronts UK Ltd

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