Automatic Doors – Biddenham School

Biddenham International School and Sports College is not, despite its name, in Biddenham at all. It lies just within the boundary of the Borough of Bedford though the entrance to the school site, on Biddenham Turn, is in Biddenham!  How our automatic doors solution helped create a scholastic environment that was conducive to learning, safe and robust.

Automatic Doors: Situation:

Biddenham International School and Sports College recently approached ERREKA Automatic Doors & Shopfronts UK Ltd for some advice in relation to replacing their existing automatic entrance system which currently has bi-fold doors. A new automated system that is both functional, new, and can provide better safety and security for the school was required.

Schools have clearly defined basic objectives when it comes to designing their school buildings. The main aim is to be able to create a pleasant environment that is conducive to learning. Equally as important though is the safety of their students and staff.

Unfortunately, these days, schools, colleges and universities are prime targets for theft or vandalism. However, these days it is much more serious with physical attacks that could harm the people inside the school campus and buildings. For exactly this reason the school has very recently had an internal access control system and would like new automatic doors that will complement their objectives as well as the initial actions on safety precaution that they have already implemented.

Automatic Doors Solution:

To fulfil the objectives set by Biddenham International School and Sports College ERREKA Automatic Doors & Shopfronts UK Ltd replaced the old bi-fold doors with a new pair of ERREKA 120’s automatic swing door openers and door leafs. The new automatic doors system has a sturdy, lightweight but highly durable aluminium material for its frame and transparent glass on the panel. This was a major improvement from the old bi-fold doors that have seen far better days. It is not only aesthetically pleasing, but in addition far safer to use for the students and teachers due to the new stronger structure.

The transparent glass panel on the other hand, can give individuals from both sides of the door the capability to see what is occurring on the other side. This feature enables people to react far quicker to an emergency situation should one arise. The transparent glass is in addition essential for the students and teaching staff’s safety and security as well.

The clear glass comes with safety stickers to ensure that students and visitors do not ride straight into the glass! The glass is also toughened which is perfect for a school environment which caters for a thousand students entering and exiting the building every day. The structure needed to be robust enough to withstand the knocks and scrapes on a daily basis. The stylish design of the new swing automatic door also blended positively with the building’s exterior design, thus boosting the modern look of the college.

Automatic Door Outcome:

All of our automatic doors are officially approved for use as fire doors, which is another reason why they are the perfect entrance solution for school buildings and in turn the schools objectives of providing a safe place for their students and staff are easily met. The automatic doors can be operated manually if needs be. This door can also be pulled or pushed open. Individuals in the building can easily exit the premises in case of an emergency without fear of causing a bottle neck at the exit point.

The automatic swing doors operate silently and of course efficiently which allows for comfortable and straightforward access for everybody including the disabled students who may be using mobility aides. The reliable swing door system has never failed to function properly even at peak times of the day when very many students leave the building at the same time.

The college now looked very modern and stylish which the students really liked and they consequently felt a sense of pride in the college. Instead of a worn out old door that can affect the students’ moods or visitors first impression of their college the new swing doors oozed with a welcoming charm that inspired anyone who entered.

Along with the internal access control system already in place, the swing door added an extra layer of security, which definitely made the school a safe second home for the students. Hence, it provided peace of mind for both their parents and the school administration.

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