Case Study: Sliding Screens Whites Garden Centre – Northampton

Whites Garden Centre Automatic Doors Situation:
How ADSF helped Whites Garden Centre in Northampton to improve their entrances with replacement Bi Part slide screens and robust durable automatic sliding doors that made shopping there a really pleasurable experience.

Whites Garden Centre is a well established large and popular Garden Centre located on the outskirts of Northampton, just a few miles from the M1. Whites Garden Centre first opened its doors in 1985 and has been serving not only the local area but the whole county ever since. Whites Garden Centre is described as being more like a leisure centre for the whole family than just a plain old garden centre.

Automatic Doors
The goal of the garden centre is to encourage more and more people into the centre, whether it is to purchase garden equipment, plants, crafts or to buy a hamster. The garden Centre is known for the helpful advice they give on all aspects of gardening, crafts and animal care. As such, their customer base is fairly varied and includes both young people and adults, from the child who likes the rabbits to the seventy year old buying tomato plants as he has done for many years.
In 2016, Whites Garden Centre launched a major revamp, this included adding new internal franchisees expanding the outside section of the centre, changing their branding and logo and renovating the appearance of their garden centre. In connection with these changes, the owners of Whites Garden Centre approached ADSF UK LTD to help them find a solution for their door systems and structures. The objective was to make the Garden Centre more welcoming to patrons, attract more customers, improve the aesthetic appeal and ensure the safety of the customers and the large number of employees working there. Another aim was to significantly reduce operational overheads.

ADSF UK LTD – Automatic Doors Solution:

To answer the client’s need, ADSF UK LTD supplied and installed 2no Bi – Part entrance screens and 2 Premis Euroslide Automatic Bi-Part Openers to the Garden Centre.
This type of automatic door system is designed for premises that expect heavy pedestrian traffic which makes this automatic entrance system perfect for the Centre. The system is made with robust materials which enable it to work efficiently and safely with little or no regular maintenance. Because of its durability, it can open and close a thousand times a day yet still be strong enough to last for many years. Its design is also very unobtrusive blending well with the walls and front facade. It comes with a choice of colours so the aluminium frames can be made to fit in with the new branding.

Whites garden Centre Outcome:

The durable sliding automatic doors system proved to be the best solution for Whites Garden Centres already vast number of customers and the growth in patronage that the Garden centre expects to have as a result of the many changes, features, and new departments that they are implementing now. The toughened glass and strong parts will almost certainly last for many years to come again with little maintenance. The improved look on the entrance of the centre was the perfect match for all other improvements that they are undergoing. Customers were welcomed through the streamlined automatic doors and due to the super sensitive sensors everyone was able to enter and exit the centre comfortably and above all safely.
The sliding automatic door system was ideal in providing convenience to the garden centres patrons too. Since it automatically opens once its motion sensor detects a person nearby, customers who are carrying several items can easily enter and exit the centre. This automatic door solution created by ADSF UK LTD eliminates the need for customers to drop what they are holding in order to open doors as is the case with manually operated door entrances.
The garden Centre should also notice a significant decrease in energy costs, as these automatic doors can help keep the temperature inside the store constant. This not only assists with reducing costs but in addition provides a far more comfortable shopping experience for their customers.
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