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In these modern day times it is unusual not to see automatic doors in a variety of buildings throughout Great Britain. When we look around at our high streets and town centres today our shops, offices, schools, hospitals and even the local village shops look very different to our buildings of the past. Some individuals may miss the old fashioned look of beautiful wooden shop fronts and doors however the classy, modern and stylish automatic doors and shop fronts that we see in our towns today are not only aesthetically pleasing but deliver numerous benefits to businesses and customers alike. Unlike the old days where people had to struggle with heavy wooden doors we now have automatic doors that open up for us allowing us to pass safely through.

Automatic Doors

Easy and straight forward access is the main advantage of having automatic doors installed. It is a common train of thought that they assist the disabled and the elderly population groups which of course they do, but automatic doors make the lives of every single person that uses them far easier! The elderly and frail members of our society much prefer automatic doors as they often find the manually operated traditional doors rather heavy and cumbersome. Another group of people who will battle with manual doors are of course children who are in danger of trapping their fingers inside them. Office workers carrying their office equipment along with their personal items will be more than grateful that automatic doors are in place so that they do not have to stop and put their belongings down in order to open up the door.

Once automatic doors are installed at your business premises, you as a business owner and certainly your customers will not believe the transformation that they will make. Gone will be the out of date entrance/exit way with drab, tired looking heavy doors. In their place will be a modern stylish business premises to be proud of for a great many years to come. Automatic doors are available in a variety of styles and designs and can be tailor made to fit almost any business premises. The automatic doors are manufactured from aluminium and toughened glass and combined they make the perfect entrance solution for businesses and service providers.

The problems encountered with the old timber doors surround both appearance and more importantly safety. Once timber doors become old they start to decay and regardless of coats of paint they will become tired looking, whereas, aluminium doors will keep looking smart and tidy for years to come. The old style manually operated doors do not comply with the DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) now known as the Equalities Act. The DDA was introduced in 1995 and should be adhered to by every customer facing business across the United Kingdom. The DDA demands that restaurants and retail stores provide easy and straight forward access for everyone. This can be achieved by providing ramps, elevators and of course automatic doors. Even if your business is not aiming to be DDA compliant it makes perfect business sense to provide easy access for everyone otherwise you are theoretically turning away valuable business.

Automatic doors deliver fantastic customer service to everyone and enable further independence for the elderly and the disabled. Young families with pushchairs and individuals carrying numerous bags of shopping will all benefit from doors that open up automatically for them.

Yet another advantage of having automatic doors installed at your business premises is that heating costs will be significantly reduced as the doors cannot be inadvertently left open by absent minded customers or employees.

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