Once an automatic door is installed at your business premises potential clients will view your business as being both modern and professional. The first impression that the general public have of your business will be the decider as to if they would like to do business with you at all. With this in mind the external appearance of your property is all important. You will want the image that customers have of your business to be a positive one and an automatic door will create a fashionable and contemporary look.


Once an automatic door is installed at your business premises you will very soon experience increased footfall and an improvement in sales as more and more individuals are enticed into your new look business. It is of course worth making an investment in an automatic door based purely on that merit, but you will discover a whole host of additional benefits associated with the application of an automatic door. 
Automatic Doors


We try our very best to provide a comfortable environment for our employees and of course customers and visitors. However, as we experience unique weather conditions in the UK, ranging from boiling hot weeks in August (on occasion!) to more likely freezing temperatures in December our operational overheads escalate. We automatically turn up the heat when it is cold outside which in turn increases our heating costs, we do the opposite when it is too warm, and the air conditioning units need to be turned up which again incurs additional expense. With an automatic door all the warmth is retained inside the premises and not able to escape out of the building to heat up the street! With the old style manual doors you will notice that they are frequently left open by absent minded employees or clients and therefore heating costs will rise as you struggle to maintain a constant temperature inside the building. By choosing to install these doors at your premises you will be playing your part by decreasing your carbon footprint on the environment.


Another great advantage of an automatic door is that should the property be positioned upon a busy road, traffic and other noise pollution is kept to a bare minimum. Through the summer months when wasps and other irritating insects are in abundance it is refreshing to know that they remain outside rather than distracting staff members or even annoying customers. Dust pollution is of course kept at bay along with the satisfaction of no more banging doors.


Security and safety is high on the agenda for any business or service provider so it is good to know that security is enhanced as employees can easily see any outside activity due to the fact that automatic doors are made of aluminium and glass. Would be thieves may also be deterred as the automatic doors operate with a slight delay, as a rule customers would not notice but professional criminals are all too aware of this feature


Probably the most important factor of an automatic door is that they create easy and straight forward access for everyone. Since the introduction of the DDA (Disability discrimination Act) more and more businesses are replacing awkward old manual heavy doors with bright new automatic ones. Of course it is not just the disabled population group who will be delighted with an automatic door, parents with babies in prams and the elderly who cannot manage the old traditional doors will in addition benefit from the easy and welcoming access that the automatic door will bring. Another factor to consider is that as the doors open up automatically it is far easier for passing trade to be enticed inside as you are able to show case your products or services. An added bonus is that deliveries can be made without difficulty as there is no longer the requirement of doors being held open.


When you have digested all the benefits of installing an automatic door at your property the next and most important step is to choose a professional company to carry out the work for you. ADSF UK LTD can assist you with any query that you may have and be able to recommend what kind of automatic door will suit you best. Our dedicated fabricators will manufacture your door with great attention to detail. The installation will be carried out with the minimum of disruption to your business and can even be installed out of business hours if required. For all information regarding our products and services log on to our customer friendly web site at