Penny Change Shop Front.

The Situation:

Very recently, Penny Change Shops opened up a new branch in Cheltenham. This was a redevelopment project that placed the store in the centre of a popular small town that is also seeing well over 200 newly built homes being built in the later part of 2016. Being a new and exciting addition to a small town, Penny Change Store is expected to become a leading provider of household products in Cheltenham. Penny Change Stores are well known for their commitment in caring for the communities that they serve and it is part of their objectives to create a store that will offer both convenience and comfort for all population groups who wish to shop there. Hence, during the building stages, they have hired the assistance of ADSF UK LTD in designing the most appropriate automatic door entrance solution for this new store.
Automatic Doors

Automatic Door Solution:

In response to the clients need to create an entranceway that will provide straight forward and comfortable access and exit for its customers, suppliers and employees, ADSF UK LTD supplied and installed 2no aluminium entrance screens (shop fronts) with 2no Premis Euroslide Automatic Bi-Part Openers. This kind of automatic door system is ideal for businesses and establishments that experience heavy daily pedestrian traffic, such as supermarkets, call centres, hospitals, airports and hotels. It allows individuals to move in and out of the store with ease even if their hands are full of items they have just purchased. The bi-part design also helps to manage pedestrian traffic in the entryways and customers will not be inconvenienced by overcrowding and queuing which will undoubtedly put them off entering the store at the very beginning of their shopping experience.
The design and material used to manufacture the door itself is perfect for high street stores and will blend in well with other retail shops in the town centre. Aluminium is resilient to rust and is extremely durable and very strong. It is easy to keep clean and once installed the products should stay looking smart and clean for a long while to come.

Penny Change Store Outcome:

Once the Penny Change Store was officially opened it was time to see if the 2no Aluminium entrance screens (shop fronts), with 2no Premis Euroslide Automatic Bi-Part Openers that were installed by ADSF UK LTD were as effective as the client desired. Although very many customers were waiting outside on the first day of trading, there was no crowding at the entrance area and individuals were able to access the store safely and comfortably.
The clients were evidently pleased with the outcome. It is crucial for any business that when they first open, a good impression is made and due to the investment in the high quality and well designed automatic doors by ADSF UK LTD this was achieved.
The client was very pleased that the automatic doors served their purpose over and above their expectations. When customers left the store with their hands full of products, they were not inconvenienced in the slightest by the need to open the door for themselves. The bi-part design also allowed enough space for the entering and exiting lines of people.
Yet another advantage of automatic doors is that they add an additional layer of security to the premises. Should an emergency situation arise, individuals can exit the premises quickly and above all safely without the fear of being trapped inside the store as is often the case with the old style manual doors.
In conclusion, ADSF UK LTD was successful in providing the client with a fantastic entrance solution for this fresh new store, but also provided the customers with unparalleled convenience and safety in their shopping experience.


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